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Chapter 1 - Reading Response

ENGL 1010 X34 / 2021 FALL TERM
Chapter one is based on how to think and act rhetorically, listen carefully with respect, and join
the conversation with relevant topics. This strategy is useful not only because it helps to propose
some ideas with two or more viewpoints, but also it makes people agree in the same critical
message. Moreover, this strategy helps to “develop strong critical and ethical habits of mind that
will help you engage with others in responsible ways” (Lunsford, y otros, 2020). Besides that,
there are some steps to think rhetorically in a correct way. The first step to thinking rhetorically
is to listen carefully what it is happening around due to the fact that it allows you to analyze the
other person's words and get their viewpoints. The importance of this step is knowing what the
conversation is about. After that, you can draw conclusions, and therefore you can join with a
more truthful foundation. The second step is to realize what your motivations are and why you
would take the position of other people. In other words, the ideas must be analyzed and
synthesized to be able to explain people with a concrete idea in order to be able to speak
accurately. Also, it is important to give credit to people whom you are quoting or if you are
arguing for someone else's idea.
Finally, my reflection on this topic is the knowledge gained about discussions. I learn that every
time that I want to participate, I must first listen carefully. Then I will be able to analyze and
synthesize all the gained information. After that, I should think critically and decide if I agree or
disagree with the other person. Finally, after doing all these steps mentioned before, I can join
into the conversation and talk with a critical mind showing respect about other points of view,
but letting people know what I really thing about the topic.
Lunsford, A., Brody, M., Ede, L., Moss, B., Clark Papper, C., & Walters, K. (2020). Everyone's an Author Edition 3. W. W. Norton & Company.