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C: Hi Alondra . It's nice to see you .
A: Carlos, long time no see. How are you?
C: Very happy . And you?
A: So so, because I have a lot of work today . Who
is he?
C: Sorry… He's Andre , my friend .
A: Hi, Mateo. Where are you from?
M: I'm from the USA . I'm American, but I work in
Peru .
A: Oh yes! The USA it's really beautiful . Are you architect?
M: No, I'm not . I'm Engineer and interior designer .
A: Oh! This is amazing and interesting . Do you like art?
M: Yes, I do! I really love art . You're curious .
A: Very curious and sociable . I'll go to the office . Nice to meet you .
M: Nice to meet you to . Bye.
C: See you later friend .
A: Good morning mother . What do you do?
B: I'm looking at photos of my last weekend .
A: Where did you go last weekend?
B: I went to the beach with my friends . The
sun was fantastic.
A: Is she your best friend?
B: Yes, She is. My best friend Alondra's
A: What is Alondra like?
B: She's very want, friendly, fantastic and really great. She's a lawyer.
A: Where she work?
B: She works in a office also Power of Attorney. His father is from India .
A: What is your last name?
B: Priyanka
A: Can you spell that, please?
B: P-R-I-Y-A-N-K-A.
A: Thank you, mother. The photos lokk fantastic.
A: Mom, let's have breakfast.
B: Ok let's go.