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ingles actividad 4

Dream House!
My dream house has lots of rooms and windows. It has a big red front door. There is a huge living room with
comfortable sofas and enormous TV screen on the wall for my family and I to spend time together.
In the basement, there is a giant game room with a ping-pong table and drum set for me and my friends. It has
a fridge for drinks and snacks.
There are extra bedrooms so my friends can spend the night. My bedroom is blue with lots of shelves for my toy
car collection. There are lots of posters of my favorite actors and singers, but they are big electronic screens so
they can change all the time! There is also a brand new computer, a sound system and a telescope because I
love astronomy! My bed is special! You climb a tall ladder to get it, I sleep under a window, and I can see the
stars at night!
Outside my dream house, there is giant swimming pool with water and field nearby for a beautiful black horse
1. Write two general descriptions of the Living Room.
The living room has comfortable sofas
The living room has a huge TV screen on the wall
2. Write two general descriptions of the game room.
The game room is huge.
The game room has a ping-pong table and a battery.
3. Write three general descriptions of the bedroom.
The bedroom is blue, it has a computer, electronic screens, and a telescope.
In the bedroom, there is a bed near the window to be able to see the stars
Choose the correct words.
1. There’s / There are a TV.
2. There’s / There are four chairs in the living room.
3. Is there a / Are there any windows in the kitchen?
4. Is there a / Are there any teacher in the classroom?
5. There isn’t / There aren’t any pencils on the table.
6. There isn’t a / There aren´t any milk in the fridge.
7. Is there / Are there a bookcase?
Complete the questions and short answers using the correct form of there is or there are.
1. Is there
a tree in this park?
No, there isn´t.
Is there
Are there
Are there
Is there
Is there
Are there
an internet café in your city?
any hospitals near hear?
any buildings next to your school?
a shop in this street?
any cinema in your town?
any students in the school?
Yes, there is.
No, there aren´t
Yes, there are
No, there isn’t.
Yes, there is.
No, there aren´t
Write the negative form of the sentence.
Complete with has or have
1. I have a new bicycle.
2. You have a new house.
3. Anna has
a big bag.
4. My friends have
a new ball.
5. David has a good book.
6. The students
long hair.
7. She
a red car.
8. My dog has a short tail.
9. We have
a lot of friends.
10. It has a lot of food.
1. I
haven´t a new bicycle
2. Anna
3. The students haven´t
4. My dog hasn´t
5. We haven´t
Look and complete
1. The sofa and the rug are above
2. The sofa is
next to
3. The pictures are behind
next to
the floor.
the woman.
the sofa.
1. The baby is in the bath tub.
2. The mother and father are next to
3. A towel is
behind the bath tub.
Choose the correct answer:
a. At home there is a beautiful square wooden
table in the dining room.
b. beautiful wooden square
c. wooden beautiful square
d. beautiful square wooden
e. I saw an interesting old American
movie with friends at home.
f. an American old interesting.
g. an interesting old American
h. an old American interesting
i. My daughter has beautiful long black hair.
j. black long beautiful
k. long beautiful black
the bath tub.
a big bag.
long hair
a short tail.
a lot of friends.
beautiful long black