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GRAMMAR. Present Continuous Exercise-convertidolis (1)

Present Continuous - Positive and Negative
Make the present continuous, positive or negative
1) (I / plan at the moment)
2) (I / not / swim)
I am planning at the moment
I am not swimming
3) (you / get / a new job)
You are getting a new job
4) (we / bring / a TV)
We are bringing a TV
5) (she / not / travel in Spain)
She´s not traveling in Spain
6) (he / not / wait for the bus)
He´s not waiting for the bus
7) (they / write a book)
They are writing a book
8) (we / not / plan to go / out)
We are not planning to go out
9) (you / not / sit / on the sofa) you are not sitting on the sofa
10)(she / not / run / in the park) She is not running in the park