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Query Guideline Rules Simple1

1. Extremely Adult
Extremely adult intented query suitable for adult audience only.
1. porn
2. nude photography
3. extreme sexual acts mostly occuring in porn
o double penetration
4. sex stories
5. sex toys except lubricants
6. queries looking for imagery or video of sex acts/positions.
7. Pornstar
2. Mildly Adult and Mature
No clear intention for porn or nude content. But might not be suitable for
children or need parental guidance.
1. anything related to gays and lesbians
2. general sex life/act for information purpose
o missionary position
o masturbation, puberty, erection
3. medical problems
4. people with racy qualifiers like sexy/gorgeous/seductive
o hot asian girls
o beautiful british women
5. erotic/non erotic lingerie
o bikini,thong
6. dating
7. nude art not involving actual imagery
o erotic painting
o naked sculpture
8. offensive
you are a slut
o what the fuck
9. private part decoration
o vaginal glitter
10. embarrassing celebrity exposures
11. sex enhancement medicines
12. birth control (condoms, pills etc)
13. sex lubricants
14. other sexual queries which require maturity
3. Clean
Unambigously suitable for children and general audience. No mature or porn
1. Unambiguously clean queries
o disneyland, nickelodeon
2. Names of Animals
o horse, pig, camel, cock
3. Queries on women/girls/ladies from specific group, ethnicity or
nationality without any ambiguity or adjective qualifier
o blonde girls
o redhead ladies
o african girl pictures
4. Queries on people with a mature qualifier
o old lady
o grown up woman
5. Queries containing relationship terms without any sexual qualifiers
o beautiful moms
o mum and son
6. Queries which don’t fall into the other two categories