Preventing the of Children

Preventing the
of Children
(Room & Time TBA)
“How Adult Porn Harms Children:
Personal Stories, Expert Testimony,
and What the Research Shows”
Presentation of a video excerpt from The Porn
Pandemic, the Devastating Impact on Children,
Family and Society. This new documentary from
Family Watch International shows how pornography
is driving violence and sexual crimes against women
and children, how children are becoming addicted
to porn at younger ages, and the detrimental effects
pornography addiction has on health and well-being
of children. Experts explain how children’s frequent
viewing of internet porn can impair brain
development and lead to serious sexual addictions,
sexual dysfunction, and even sexual crimes.
“Sexual Rights or Sexual Health: When
Sexuality Education for Children Goes
Too Far”
Children are becoming sexualized at younger ages;
yet, for optimal development, children need to
experience childhood free from concerns about
sexual relationships, early pregnancy or STIs. Of
great concern is the aggressive promotion of sexual
rights for children and youth, often under the guise
of sexuality education programs that teach children
they have a right to sexual pleasure and sexual
activity. Often claimed sexual rights are promoted at
the expense of sexual health. Discussions will include
implications for negotiating provisions regarding
children’s sex education.
Event sponsored by the UN Family Rights Caucus and the following NGOs: Global Helping to Advance Women and Children,
Worldwide Organization for Women (WOW), The Foundation for African Cultural Heritage, Latin American Alliance for the
Family, Women's Federation for World Peace ( WFWP), European Centre for Law and Justice, Catholic Family and Human
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Persona y Familia, and more. (A complete list of cosponsoring organizations will be available at the event.)