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It is located in the city of Bogotá, on the eastern mountain range, a place of religious pilgrimage
since colonial times.
This natural structure is one of the most representative and recognizable in the area. After the
foundation of the first Spanish settlement in the Bacatá region, the Fernández de Valenzuela family
began the construction of the
hermitage on this hill, which
would be known as “Las Nieves”
until well into the S. XVIII. With
the authorization of the president
of the New Kingdom of Granada,
Juan de Borja y Armendia, the
patriarch of the Fernández family
erected the chapel dedicated to
the Morena Virgin of Monserrate,
whose sanctuary was located in
Catalonia, near Barcelona. Years
later, with the permission of the
conqueror Pedro Solís, a
monastery was founded in the surroundings.
It has excellent restaurants, offers its visitors
the possibility of acquiring beautiful
handicrafts and offers a wonderful
panoramic view of the entire city and its
It is important because this name is given in
honor of "Our Lady of Monserrate" which is
located on a hill near Barcelona, Spain. Since,
its meaning is "Mount in the form of teeth".
They say that in the eastern hills of Bogotá,
spirits dwell in silence next to the fallen Lord, the Chibchas and Muiscas gods.