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Student: Gulnoza
Promising education of Uzbekistan
Education is one of the most valuable issues in the development of
every country, and it is obvious that evolving of educational system
make positive impact on quality of life in the entire world.
I am from Uzbekistan and I owe most of my education to this
country. Despite being satisfied with my gained education, during
the studies I noticed that there are some weak sides in its system
like: poor innovative methods of teaching, shortage of
professionals, many bureaucratic work that must be done by
teachers and their low salary. I think, if the work of teachers were
paid better, there would be more experts in this career, moreover,
releasing them from paper work would let them focus all forces to
giving knowledge. Also, exterior experience would be a good option
to integrate new methods in our educational system.
To sum up, I would like to add that I believe in the future education
of Uzbekistan and surely in some years the world will be aware of
Uzbekistan and its people much more.