Subido por laura maria forero mendoza

climate change

In the city where I live, which is a capital that is supposed to be of great importance for a country, the lack
of quality of life, the amount of corruption by politicians, who steal the money assigned to improving the
city, also like in the rest of the world, in Bogota it has critical levels of pollution, too many robberies
annually and finally it is impossible to move the traffic is horrible. Then I will mention some points that a
city must have to be a great place
In my opinion, a great place to live, firstly must have an excellent security system where criminal activities
are reduced to the maximum level and, if they occur, act quickly against them. because for me it is quality
of life to be able to walk calmly through my city, to go out with my friends and my family without any
worries for theft. Secondly, I want to mention that an excellent city must have a certain large number of
green spaces, where you can exercise, breathe, do meditation, have a picnic with your friends or family.
Lastly, it is important for a city to make roads in proportion to the number of inhabitants and urbanizations
that are built in a long-term view.
In conclusion, it is sometimes impossible to gather all these points, besides, corruption is currently a factor
that impairs the development of cities, and our main struggle as a society must be against it so that the
government can carry out its government plans for the quality of life.