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Comprension de lectura ingles

Extract from “Short Biography of Nelson Mandela”
I. Look at the text. What type of text is?
a) A letter
b) an instruction
c) a biography
d) a recipe
II. Read the following extract of Nelson Mandela biography and underline the main events which
appeared in the text.
Committed to non-violence and to put an end to apartheid, Nelson Mandela became the
president of South Africa after spending 18 years in prison on Robben Island, and 27 years in
prison altogether. But, his rise to become one of the world’s most prominent advocates of peace
and racial harmony for all mankind was hard; often tie with violent armed resistance once he saw
that civil disobedience was getting him and his fellow Afrikaner nowhere.
Born in a small village would have its disadvantages for the rearing and schooling of young Nelson.
But, thanks to his father’s position as a councillor to the king, when Nelson’s father died, the new
King Jongintaba Dalindyebo adopted him as his own, ensuring he would continue his schooling at
the Clarkebury Boarding Institute.
At Fort Hare University he met Oliver Tambo, who would become Mandela’s ally and best friend.
Mandela had to flee to Johannesburg to avoid an arranged marriage set up by the king. While
there, he completed his studies, became a lawyer, and helped blacks pro bono in many court cases
where they might not have had representation…..
III. Answer the following question about Nelson Mandela in English. Answer at the back
What is the importance of Nelson Mandela?
What was the main problem that Afrikaner suffers?
Explain with your own words what was the “Apartheid”
Did Nelson Mandela have any problem in his childhood?
Has he ever go to University, If so where and what did he study?
What did he do to help black people after becoming a lawyer?
IV. Look for the definition of the following words in Spanish.
Set up:
Apartheid: system of legal racial segregation
Advocates: person supporting an idea or cause publicly
Tie: to relate to or connect to
Mankind: human race
Rear: look after children until they are old enough to look after themselves
Councillor: someone who sometimes advise the king or queen but who have little power
Ensure: to make something certain to happen
Ally: someone who helps and supports someone else
Flee: to escape by running away
Avoid: prevent, not allow doing something
Set up: organized
Pro bono: lawyer’s organization