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Average intelligence common citizen Quora

· Updated March 2
Alessio Marin
I prefer to see the grey area.
What are some indications of average intelligence?
This list should be taken with a grain of salt; it’s not uncommon for there to be at least one or two
exceptions here and there.
1. You hate reading, especially non-fiction.
2. You’re not interested in politics, specifically because you don’t care very much about solving
and/or discussing the problems of our societies.
3. You follow cultural trends and norms, unquestioningly believe statements made by both
individuals and the media, subscribe to popular as opposed to personal and unique systems of
belief and value, and have very few original opinions; you’re a mostly dependent as opposed to
independent thinker.
4. You unquestioningly follow authority.
5. You don’t see grey area and tend to think more dichotomously about most things most of the
6. You prefer to be taught (by a teacher, professor or mentor) rather than to teach yourself; you
have more of a proclivity for didacticism than autodidacticism.
7. Your questions, statements and conclusions are more vague and ambiguous than specific,
pointed and highly detailed.
8. You experience great difficulty, usually to the point of stubbornness, with changing your opinions
and core beliefs after being presented with new information which contradicts them.
9. You have a very conventional sense of humour.
10. You’re not a very curious or inquisitive person.
11. You find almost no value in the discussion of ideas and prefer to talk about superficial topics,
such as people or events.
12. You thoroughly enjoy things similar in nature to reality TV, drama/gossip and movies about highschool romance.
13. You react with negative emotion to someone disagreeing with you in an argument, which usually
results in you refusing to consider the possibility of your being wrong, asserting that the other
person is stupid and then insulting them (and then storming off thinking you’ve won).
14. You don’t have any intellectual interests.
15. You have very normal tastes in music; you listen to genres like pop and hateclassical music.
16. You can find something interesting/fascinating to talk about with just about anyone you meet
and get to know.
17. In a potential mate, you greatly prioritise physical attractiveness and various superficial features
over true intelligence and mutual values and/or beliefs (I would go as far as to say that mutual
values and/or beliefs are of almost zero importance to you in a relationship).