Subido por Jhenaro Montoya


All the important cities, in which there is a substantial number of people living in them, have lots
ways of transport from one point to another. But also, it is true that when there is not an order
between these is generated traffic.
Nowadays, there are a big amount of buses inside of public transport system, that despite being
faster in the rush hour, not following the transport rules. In addition to this, it is already not
enough to take only a one bus, now it is necessary to take two or more.
Due to that, the people prefer to use their own car, thereby increasing the number of vehicles
on the streets, causing more traffic. In other countries avoid this problem by limiting the use of
private cars through a system called “Pico and Placa”.
In the other hand, a way of sort the public transport is to create an integrated transport system
that involve all ways of transport of the city.
In conclusion, it is certainly true that there is a problem with the public transport and that the
key to solving is creating an integrated transport system.