Subido por giannella galvez

ensayo ingles

First of all, I would like to say that the both are pretty good, because each one has its advantages
and disadvantages. People sometimes use to make prejudices about where you life, so as to try to
know about your life or even about yourself. Is for that Much people say ‘the farm is too much
boring, why don’t you life in a city? aren’t you tired to stay in a town?’ and on the other hand
people say ‘the city is so much dangerous, in the city you can kidnapped, there people are pretty
overbearing’. Exist much opinions about the people’s preferences but, in this case, I going show
you my point of view.
I used to think that the city was the ‘bests’ due to the in fact that it has more interesting things
like, malls, pubs, coffees, mechanical attractions, etc. In a city you can do so much activities that
maybe in a town or in a farm you can’t. the city usually is more attractive because is bigger than
town and there you can know more people, got money easier, also improve your skills. It is true
to say that the city sounds spectacular, but the country sides have so much things that you almost
never will see in a city like, people playing game cards in front of them homes, the security is
more guaranteed, you can grow up different vegetables and fruits for you sustainability, the
environment is cleaner, the tranquility is incomparable because in the city is too much noisy and
people is more friendly.
In reality I’ve lived in both as in a city as in a town, so I don’t have any preferences about these
ones, because I really enjoy spending time in the town when I jumping in waterfalls, swimming
in rivers, climbing in mountains, etc, and when I stay in the city I can go to the cinema, malls,
pubs, mechanical attraction with my family or my friends, then the both are awesome for me.
From these arguments might conclude that the people’s preferences are a way to speak of
environ in that we’ve had our experiences, much people say ‘I prefer living in a country side’,
perhaps be because they’ve lived their most significative experiences there. On the other hand,
there are other people that say ‘I prefer living in a city because I don’t like the country side’ it’s
equally valid to the first because could that they were born in a city and their costums are linked
to this one. To my way of thinking when I say ‘I don’t have preferences’ I do reference to I’ve
lived in both places and seems to me wonderful what each one offers us and I can have fun with
the people I love.