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Sentences task 1
1. People should not be concerning about earning sustainable wages. That isn’t even living. It’s cruel.
2. Workers are the most important part of an industry. Without them, not much can be done.
3. We must remember that workers are humans as well and that their work conditions should be improved.
4. I’ve never heard about domestic production. It could be interesting to learn more about it.
5. My brother never enjoyed job security. He was the best worker in his area but was fired without any explanation.
6. Maybe globalization opponents have a point. Not many of us support our national market and prefer to consume
from all over the globe.
7. Workers should fight for deregulation. The government is everywhere and this doesn’t help the industry’s market
8. The UN “Blue helmets” help the most outcast countries with peacekeeping missions.
Definition of globalization
Globalization means the connection between countries… or well, that could be the most common definition one can
give or think about. But aside from that, I believe that due to this process we can see a huge expansion of capitalism. I
will not claim that I am fully against every economic ideology nor I am in favour, but I think that when those are out of
control, we cannot enjoy what we consume. Yes, globalization allows us to buy or sell stuff all over the world and help us
to take more seriously other cultures and ways of living, but if we just support other countries and not our own market,
our economy will never have the chance to be as strong as foreign ones, and will never have native industries with the
ability to compete against others.