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HD-IP PTZ Camera Quick operation guide V1.0

HD-IP PTZ Camera
Quick operation guide
Z20 series Version 1.0
1.Web Login
Camera Default IP:
Subnet mask:
Step1: Step1: Make sure camera is in same IP segment as your router & PC before you can login.
If not, please modify the camera's IP address with the IP finder program, then you can log in the
camera with its IP address in IE WEB.
(For example, camera’s IP address is, if your PC address is not 192.168.1.XX,
you’re not able to log in the camera in IE web directly. You need to edit the camera’s IP address
first. Make sure there’s no IP conflict with your other network devices. )
Step2: Enter the camera’s IP address in IE browser, install Plug-in before you login at first time. If
the installation is unsuccessful, you can go to the IE settings, allow the ActiveX Plug-in to run,
close the browser, download WEBConfig.exe, and reinstall.
Step3: Enter login screen, input user name and password{user name: admin(default), password:
123456(default) } select "language", click [login] to preview Live image.
2.PTZ Contorl
In Live page ,You can see live video and perform PTZ operation.
Manual control Pan/Tilt rotation
Speed setting of manual control Pan/Tilt: 1 is the slowest, 8 is
the fastest
Input number in the numeric column, you can CALL, SET(ADD),
and DELETE a corresponding preset.
Configuration Page shows detailed parameter settings of the camera.
NETWORK page You can
modify camera’s IP
address in Network
Basic-TCP/IP page can
modify the camera IP
Video-Encode page can
modify the camera’s
encode settings
P2P page:
Enable P2P function,
will automatically get
cloud ID,and generate
QR code.
Auto-Tracking Setting* (for models with auto tracking function only)
(Some models do not support auto tracking)
Auto-tracking function based on humanoid detection. When someone enters the screen or
enters a designated area, the alarm will be triggered and the camera will automatically track the
movement of the person.
Enter page:Event-Intelligent Detect-Human Detect, you can use the mouse to draw a zone on
the screen that requires humanoid detection; you can also upload alarm output audio MP3 file
for voice alarm; or customize the timetable for humanoid detection.
There are two kinds of humanoid detection automatic tracking mode:
Guard Tracking: The PTZ camera is guarded at a designated location, tracked after
the humanoid target is found, and returned to the guard position after tracking.
 Set guard positon: Add preset NO.53
Start guard tracking: Call preset NO.53
Curise Tracking:The PTZ camera cruises between a plurality of preset positions, and
the humanoid target is tracked during the cruise process, and the cruise is continued
after the tracking is completed.
 Set curise tracking positon: Add preset NO.54-58
 Start cruise tracking: Call preset NO.54
Tracking duration setting
 Call preset NO.97+(NO.122-128): Set Tracking duration to (15s-45s) For
example :97+122 is 15s; :97+123 is 20s…97+128 is 45s etc. (The default is 15s)
5. OSD Menu
Call preset NO.95 or NO.59 to enter camera’s OSD menu, as follow:
PARK TIME :The camera has no operation after this time,
automatically perform an park action.
PARK ACT: The Action of Camera Auto Run, it can be set to a
preset/scan/Curise/Pattern/NO.53 TR(Guard Tracking)/Curise
RESTORE DEFAULT: Restore PTZ settings to factory values,
include: presets,park action, IR Setting, scan.... etc. (Does not
include camera settings such as network and image settings)
Menu operation method:
1) Press the Pan Tilt up & down keys to control the cursor "-", the cursor is in the current
item of setting.
2) Press the right keys to change the value / confirmation/enter sub menu
3) Press Iris- to exit menu or move the cursor to EXIT, click right key also can exit menu.
IR SETTTING sub menu:IR control mode can be set
IR ON SENS:When the photoresistor is above the default value
of 210, LED turn on.
IR OFF SENS:When the photoresistor is below the default value
of 185, LED turn OFF.
CURRENT LEVEL: Current photosensitive resistance values.
PATTERN:The camera records a pan/tilt/Zoom operation
track, And can be run repeatedly according to the
recorded track.
FRAME SCAN:Horizontal scan between two boundary.
FRAME SCAN SET: Set Lift/Right boundary
FRAME SPEED: Rotation speed for Area scan, it’s 1-30 can
be choose to set. The smaller the value, the slower the
Curise:The camera cruises quickly between multiple
DWELL TIME: Residence time of each preset when
6. PC client
Install and run the LMS software
Click “Auto Search”
Click “Add”
1.Click “Device”
Click “+”
Click “LiveView”
4.Select image frame and double click
to hit the camera list, the image
appears in the image frame
7. Remote APP
Mobile phone APP Store search and download and install:
Sign up for an account and log in
Click”QR code to add” and ,Scan QR code
obtained on IE WEB or search tool
Customize a camera name and click OK
The camera will appear in the device list and
click to see the image
8. Special presets instructions list
Presets operation
Call preset NO.95(or NO.59)
Enter OSD menu
Set preset NO.81
Set left boundary of A-B scan
Set preset NO.82
Set right boundary of A-B scan
Call preset NO.82
Start A-B scan
Call preset NO.81
PTZ camera Re self checking
Call preset NO.83
Clear all the presets
Call preset NO.84
Start Pattern
Call preset NO.88(or NO.51)
Start cruise 1(preset NO.1- NO.10)
Call preset NO.89
Start cruise 2(preset NO.11- NO.20)
Call preset NO.90
Start cruise 3(preset NO.21- NO.30)
Call preset NO.91
Start cruise 4(preset NO.31- NO.40)
Call preset NO.92(or NO.50)
Restore factory default(PTZ setting)
Call preset NO.98(or NO.52)
Start 360°Horizontal auto scanning
Call preset NO.100(or NO.60)
Manually turn ON IR
Call preset NO.101(or NO.61)
Manually turn OFF IR
Call preset NO.102(or NO.62)
Automatic IR control mode
Call preset NO.53*
Strat Preset NO.53 guard tracking
Call preset NO.54*
Strat Cruise tracking(Preset NO.54-58)
Call preset NO.95+NO.93
Setting OSD menu language to English
*Note:Some models do not support auto- tracking