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Writing 2
Name: Geoffrey Paico
My most important technology Gadget is my cell phone For many reasons,
The first reason why the SAMSUNG A50 has many things that make it a
good technology That cell phone can correct mistakes, which is important
to the community.Second reason is that it can monitor activities and
health states of people.Cognition can be improved in some patients who
suffer memory and attention disorders, in other cases that help maintain
contact with people who require constant evaluation.The third reason is
that the camera has so much distance to take a photo and the camera
has such beautiful quality.
However,my Samsung A50 has some disadvantages.First is that my cell
phone has a dedicated screen that breaks with just one tap, that's why I
had to change the screen twice. The second reason is the volume when
you want to play video games and you do not have headphones, it bothers
you because you could not hear well.Finally, it is so expensive that we
would need to work a lot to have one or only you need a good contact.