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Report examples

You have been helping to run a new music club at your college. Now the college principal wants to
get more people involved with the club and attract new members. The club organiser has asked you
to write a report for the principal outlining what the club currently does, explaining the club’s future
plans and suggesting ways of getting more people involved with the music club.
Student’s CAE Report Answer:
RockSun – present situation, future plans and improvement suggestions The objective of this report
is to outline the current condition of the RockSun music club, shed some light on the club’s plans in
the near future, and propose novel ways of attracting new visitors.
Present situation
At present, the activities that the club organises are twofold:
gigs of indie bands at least once a week at weekends;
musical instrument courses for wannabe musicians on weekdays.
Regrettably, the club does not enjoy much popularity among students, despite it being located in the
heart of the campus near the dorms. This is, firstly, due to the prices at the club which are on the
expensive side and, secondly, the fact that performers visiting the club are chiefly little-known
artists. Both factors greatly discourage many potential customers.
The future of the club looks bleak and some corrective actions are required. The club management,
aware of the gravity of the situation, is planning to expand its operations to attract new visitors. In
the first place, additional musical courses, including singing lessons by reputable teachers, are
planned. Additionally, the club intends to attract better known artists for the weekend concerts.
Suggestions to attract more visitors
The actions planned, which are certainly a step in the right direction, may not be sufficient. What
could attract more visitors is reducing food and drink prices as it is one of the most important factors
on which any club’s popularity is based. Furthermore, weekly musical quizzes with prizes might
appeal to the club’s target customers.
Your local authority is conducting a survey into language learning habits of the people between 1645 in the area. They have asked for a report on the types of methods used in state run schools and
language centres. They have asked for some suggestions on how to improve their facilities, teaching
methods and resources.
The main purpose of this report is to analyse the effectiveness of language teaching in the local area.
It will offer a review of what is available and also make some recommendations on how to improve.
Due to a lack of funding during the economic recession, the facilities available have not been
renovated since more than a decade ago. What´s more, because of this scarcity of investment, much
of what there is has been over used and/or damaged to some extent. Many modern private
language centres have sprung up around the city in recent years but they are both unaffordable and
difficult to monitor. There are a fair few teachers working who are quite frankly not up to the job.
Teaching Methods
The methodology used by most teachers has not changed over the last 15 to 20 years or so and
therefore needs to be improved. Teachers need the correct type of training that is not only theory
based but also practical and ready to input into the system. Some teachers see language teaching as
an easy ride and seem to be running down the clock to retirement, to the distain of their students.
There is a case of follow-the-book syndrome apparent in the local area. Teachers need to be given
the freedom to use their creativity and also the training to be able to implement it in the classroom.
This way resources will be more varied and students will be able to relate to them more easily.
Taking all of the factors of this report into account, the best plan of action would be to increase
funding to ensure progress. What is more than just money, it is essential that this funding gets to
where it is most needed. I would suggest teacher training and resources to be the priority.