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Eating disorders have become part of our daily environment and routine

Hypnotherapy and eating disorders
Eating disorders have become part of our daily journey and routine
directly and/or indirectly. As the world gets more and more invaded by new
technology, new fashion trends and new “ideal” pshysical features that people,
especially, young women, are supposed to have in order to be “attractive” and fit into
social circles and beauty standards that are usually found on TV, printed media and
all over the internet.
Unfortunately, many people get caught up by this shallow and gigantic pressure and
start developing mental patterns that lead them to suffering from eating disorders
like Anorexia and Bulimia, which put them in a dangerous vicious circle. They start
to eat less tan they are supposed to eat, throw up after they eat or not eat at all.
Therapy can be a very powerful tool to break this vicious circle and hypnosis is a
relatively new and still ignored or unknown kind of therapy that can really help people
with eating disorders to reprogram their minds in order to change the negativity in
which they analyze their bodies and use the power of suggestion to modify their
habits and thoughts towards food and social beauty standards.
Hypnotherapy can be a very good quality training and integral treatment for people
with eating disorders. It can be a very useful and positive alternative, of course, if
done by a professional therapist with the necessary knowledge to address this
problem properly.
So don’t be afraid, look for help if you are struggling with an eating disorder and give
hypnotherapy a try. It can really be worth it.