La casa del futuro

Talk to your classmates about linking words and copy examples from the
passage. Follow the example.
Our world is always changing. We adapt to the changes and we also learn how to
live in harmony with each other and the environment. One way to do this is by
designing homes for the future, because these homes are going to help us live in
harmony with nature.
Architects are going to use many interesting materials for the house of the future.
For example, now some scientists are building houses with recycled paper! After
pressing the paper very had, the paper gets as hard and strong as pine wood. When
they add certain adhesives, it can become as strong as iron!
The house of the future is going to
use the earth’s resources in many
fantastic ways. So, we are going to
reduce pollution. For example, we
are going to generate electricity with
wind mills. Solar panels on top of the
houses are going to catch the sun’s
energy and convert it to electricity or
Therefore, the sun’s energy can
heat a house in winter. Moreover,
we can put solar panels on houses
in the city or countryside. And the
sun’s energy is for free. We can use
as much as we need and we do not
have to pay anything!