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Advanced Writing 2
Descriptive essay
2175, the new age
Did you ever think that the future would be like now? If we
consider advances from the 21st century to now, humans found immeasurably
discoveries that change human’s life. Smartphones, tablets, social networks are
in the past, nowadays in 2175, the technology advanced so fast, each invention
surpasses another. I born in 2000 when technology advanced in different ways
to figure out things that now we have. In my 175 years I still alive, also I feel
good as a young person, longevity is not an impediment. I’m writing this text
to give information about all my life as familiar and professional changes.
I remember when I was a teenager, divorcee was the last trend in
marriage cases when you had a conflict you get a divorce without thinking about
their children. We can get married as many times as you want also we have a
good relationship with your ex-couple to raise our children, so traditional family
does not exist , neither family dogs, they are robots, in my opinion, It has
benefits because they cannot eat, make their necessity, get sick, etc. We lived
in different places like a housepod floating, in a 500-story long skyscraper
caused by overpopulation, or as me in a hotel on Mars caused by over pollution.
In the course of time, careers improve as architecture designing
space houses and civil engineer make blueprints about houses in Mars.
Additionally, appear new careers, I don’t remember the name but my Greatgrandson studied one of this new careers that print our own food. My son grew
up with the technological tools, students do not need books, neither to copy the
class, they use a memory ram into his brain to stock all the information, in my
times as student you were required to memorize. In my longevity, I can do
several things as run, write, eat junk food, swimming, etc. Although I can work
in a company, I do not want to compete with a lot of elderly and young people
that is why I decided to work in my house and do my own company.
Concluding my life of today is better than my youngest life, but
sometimes I miss my ordinary things, I understand my mother when she cannot
use well the new machines, either I cannot! For me, the bad thing is that I cannot
die and have a reencounter with my relatives deceased. But I am not alone, I am
with AR2-2000, he is an android who takes care of me, for me, he is a son.
Advance is good for human life although more for younger people.