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Reading Global tests intermediate

Unit 6 Seen & Heard
Part B
Reading, listening and pronunciation
G Reading
Read the text about a museum, then choose the best option to complete each sentence below.
The National Museum of Light and Sound
Come and enjoy 150 years of audioisual history at the !ational "useum of #i$ht and Sound
%!"#S. #ocated in a conerted cinema in the city centre, this ama'in$ museum has somethin$
for eeryone, whether they(re ei$ht or )0.
*he "useum+s arious collections include some of the best, most si$nificant and important
audioisual material to be found anywhere in the world. ur collection of photo$raphs contains
-ey pictures by the most important photo$raphers of the last century and earlier, and our
extensie collection of photo$raphic technolo$y contains euipment from early photo$raphy to
modern innoatie practice. /t includes the worldfamous ronica Collection, a major collection
of euipment which tells the story of popular photo$raphy.
photo$raphy. Cinema and teleision are also
stron$ly represented, and there is a particularly lar$e display of objects relatin$ to the history
and deelopment of teleision. *his includes 2ohn #o$ie aird+s 134 ori$inal, on which all
future models were based.
/n addition to our permanent displays, the !"#S also hosts re$ular exhibitions and tal-s by
well-nown people. 6isitors can attend any of these for free. 7oweer,
7oweer, as these are usually ery
popular, it is adisable to boo- a tic-et in adance. 8ou
8ou can do this by phone, althou$h our lines
are usually ery busy durin$ the day, and you may not be able to $et throu$h. 9e therefore
recommend usin$ our website instead. 6isit www.isual,
www.isual, where you can download
and print tic-ets for fast priority access on the day.
*he !"#S is also home to Central R*6, the area(s main broadcastin$ company. :rom here,
Central :" radio broadcasts locally 4; hours a day,
day, and chat, ui' and $ame shows are filmed
in the studio, for distribution to networ-s nationwide. *hese include the nationally popular News
for the World, which is now in its 15th year. 6isitors can watch these pro$rammes bein$ made
from a special $allery aboe the studio.
*ic-ets to !"#S are <) for adults and <; for children, or <15 for a family tic-et %4 adults and up
to  children. 8ou
8ou can either $et these at the entrance, or in adance from our website. !o
extra char$e is made for boo-in$ by credit card. 7oweer, note that we do not currently accept
/nternational =xpress or *opCash cards.
The building in which the NMLS is situated …
a is also
also a cin
b used to be a cinema.
1 Some
Some of the
the pictur
es at the
the !"#S
!"#S are
are ...
a less
less than
than a hundr
ed year
s old.
b more
more than
than a hundre
d years
years old.
4 2ohn #o$ie aird(s
aird(s 134
134 teleis
ion in the
the !"#S
!"#S is ?
Unit 6 Seen & Heard
a real
b a model.
 *he !"#S recommends usin$ its website for exhibition and tal- tic-ets because ?
a it(s uic-er then phonin$.
b isitors mi$ht not be able to contact the museum by phone.
; Central R*6(s teleision pro$rammes are ?
a only seen by local people.
b seen by people around the country.
5 *ic-et to the !"#S ?
a cannot be bou$ht usin$ some credit cards.
b are more expensie if you use a credit card.
 Listening
#isten to part of a tal- about an or$anisation called "ass bseration. Choose the best answer
%a, b or c.
Why did Harrisson, Madge and Jennings start "ass bseration
a They wanted to know how people lived their lives.
b They wanted to meet ordinary !eo!le.
c They wanted ordinary !eo!le to send them their !ictures.
E Some of the people recruited by 7arrisson, "ad$e and 2ennin$s ?
a were ualified writers.
b receied money for the wor- they did.
c were professional researchers.
F 9hat did the obserers doG
a *hey wrote boo-s and reports about the thin$s they saw around the country.
b *hey -ept a record of what people said and did in different places.
c *hey sent uestionnaires to people.
) etween 13F and the early 1350s ?
a "ass bseration sold a lot of reports.
b "ass bseration proided a lot of useful information to companies.
c "ass bseration(s role chan$ed.
3 9hat happened in 133G
a "ass bseration started wor-in$ a$ain.
b *he C filmed people doin$ eeryday thin$s.
c eople borrowed ideo cameras to film the thin$s they did.
;0 *he "ideo Nation pro$rammes ?
a were ery popular with teleision iewers.
b were shown on teleision around the world.
c are less popular now than when they were first shown.
Unit 6 Seen & Heard
#isten to the sentences. Choose the correct pronunciation of the letter e, /ә/ or /i:/.
# really li$e !ictures by a% the artist &ndy Warhol, one of b% the most famous members of the
'o! art mo(ement.
a /i:/
b /ә/
;1 ne of the photo$raphs shows a ballet dancer puttin$ on her shoesH a the other shows
b the dancer on sta$e.
a /ә/ /i:/
b /ә/ /i:/
;4 "y mother wor-s for a the =D, b the =uropean Dnion.
a /ә/ /i:/
b /ә/ /i:/
; f all a the bad meals /(e had, that was b the worst one eer.
a /ә/ /i:/
b /ә/ /i:/
;; a The Dniersity has announced that b the most popular courses are already full.
a /ә/ /i:/
b /ә/ /i:/
;5 "y brother has applied to a the RI:, that(s b the Royal Iir :orce, to become a pilot.
a /ә/ /i:/
b /ә/ /i:/
Unit # Supply & Demand
Part B
Reading, listening and pronunciation
G Reading
Read about some famous Jdesi$ner brand( companies, and match each sentence to a company
Unit 6 Seen & Heard
A Gucci
@uccio @ucci founded the 7ouse of @ucci in 1341. 7e started out sellin$ leather ba$s and other
items to wealthy horse riders and moed on to luxury lu$$a$e as his customers $raduated from
horses to cars. *oday, @ucci handba$s are amon$ the company+s bi$$est money ma-ers.
B &hanel
Chanel is one of today+s best-nown fashion brands, and has been since Coco %@abrielle
Chanel opened a hat shop in 1310. Coco Chanel set herself up as a fashion desi$ner offerin$
women ele$ant, relaxed and functional clothes. *he Chanel suit is still one of the world(s most
popular fashion items.
& &al'in (lein
Calin Llein started producin$ coats for men and women in 13E). /n the mid 13F0s he created a
new fashion by puttin$ his name on the bac- poc-et of jeans. In inexpensie and unfashionable
item of clothin$ suddenly became an expensie desi$ner item. *oday the CL brand ran$es from
hi$hend pieces to moderately priced casual clothes.
) Louis *uitton
*his :rench company producin$ luxury fashion and leather $oods started life in 1)5; as a
lu$$a$e shop. /t is now part of the $roup #6"7. *he company is famous for its leather
handba$s and desi$ner "arc 2acobs is its creatie director. /t is currently wor-in$ with a series
of artists to create limitededition handba$s.
+ &hristian )ior
*his fashionhouse became famous after the Second 9orld 9ar for the J!ew #oo-,( a fitted
jac-et and full s-irt. *here had been a limited supply of material to ma-e clothes durin$ the war,
so Aior+s excessie use of material was seen as a shoc-in$ new direction. 2ohn @alliano has
been the chief desi$ner of Aior since 133E.
 *ersace
:ounded in "ilan in 13F) by @ianni 6ersace, this /talian company was well -nown for its
extraa$ant desi$ns. Since 6ersace(s death in 133F, the company has been run by his sister
Aonatella and brother Santo, and is still completely owned by the 6ersace family.
G Giorgio $rmani
*his fashion and luxury $oods $roup, run by founder @ior$io Irmani, sells eerythin$ from
clothin$ to ma-eup and perfume and beautiful items for the home K all under seen different
brand names, but it is still best -nown for its menswear.
 Prada
*he $randdau$hter of founder "ario rada inherited his leather $oods company in 13F).
"iuccia $rew the "ilanbased business into a hautecouture company, but it was her si$nature
rada blac- nylon handba$ that turned the company into a billiondollar business.
Which com!any is !art of another business organisation D
9hich company>
1 remains a familyowned businessG MMM
4 became extremely rich and successful because of just one productG M
33 changed the products it made to reflect in the way people travelled?_
Unit 6 Seen & Heard
; surprised people a lot with a famous outfitG MMMM
5 turned somethin$ that was usually uite cheap into a luxury itemG MMM
 Listening
#isten to extracts from a tal- about =n$lish expressions that use the word money. "atch the
expressions aKf to each description.
"oney doesn(t $row on trees.
7e N she has money to burn.
ut your money where your mouth is.
"oney tal-s.
"oney is the root of all eil.
I fool and his money are soon parted.
)escri!tion * b
Aescription 4
Aescription 
Aescription ;
Aescription 5
Aescription E
! Pronunciation
Dnderline the stressed syllable in each word.
The supplier called to say they can supply the !roducts at the usual !rice.
;1 9hen import duties went up, the company was able to import far less.
;4 *he econom. is in a bad way, and the economic crisis is set to continue for some time.
; Some forei$n produce has become so expensie that we are now hain$ to produce a lot
of our own $oods.
;; 9e aren(t ma-in$ much profit because the business just isn(t profita/le anymore.
;5 *he finance department hae informed us that the business has some serious financial
Unit 0 #ost & Found
Part B
Reading, listening and pronunciation
G Reading
Read an article about the discoery of an ancient city. Aecide if the statements are true %T,
false %+ or if the text doesn(t say %)S.
The )isco'er. of Petra
Unit 6 Seen & Heard
Unit 6 Seen & Heard
Unit 6 Seen & Heard
Unit 6 Seen & Heard
Unit 6 Seen & Heard
Unit 6 Seen & Heard
Unit 6 Seen & Heard
Unit 6 Seen & Heard
Unit 14
Part B
Reading, listening and pronunciation -4 mar7s8
G - mar7s per 9uestion : "4 mar7s8
1 Lorea, Scotland, 6ietnam
4 /ndia, 2apan
 China
; 2apan, !i$eria
5 6ietnam
 " mar7s per 9uestion : 14 mar7s8
E i
F e
) h
3 d
;0 b
! " mar7s per 9uestion : 14 mar7s8
;1 b
;4 $
; d
;; n
;5 t