Always I knew that we were a family little strange, I was enough tall, thin and very orange, my
mother was adorable but not as the other, had something solid, she passed busy, and was little
sentimental, your icon of the fashion was the queen; good, my father was more normal, always
seemed has time of surplus, to your 50 years old, he renounced to his prestigious work in the
university, he played tennis of table and me left win. My uncle Despo was the same of always,
good dress and admirable; and for last Jenner my sister, she only passed in the house of tree,
she read the books of my dad, my parents not knew as call she, be of the nature, with your eyes
electrical, with your jackets purple and your charming.
<< My sister is the more wonderful of world >>
Was a childhood full of rhythm, we go of field, we threw stones to river and we eat sandwiches
with beverages, the Fridays for the night a movie without amount the climate and then a time
to the year the fearsome party of new year.
I met to a girl, she me called and I for avoid she him say that I go to see other bottle of beer,
Jenner know to a boy, him says that is charming , he him gives a beverage very good and
provide, Jenner and the boy begin to dance and I also begin to dance with the girl that met, I
me drunk and begin to have fall the things to arrive almost the hour for that arrive to the 12
o`clock and say “ happy new year ”, the girl that knew tried kiss me since all the were doing, I
the maneuver and me felt ashamed, all the did to exception of we.
The next day, I wake with hangover and ashamed, without have idea that change my life.
Enter my sister to my room and tell me:
Ui¡ brother that clothes of night for more feminine wit, then low to study where was
my dad.
My dad tells me:
Take sit you.
And I sked.
Why is you formal?
My dad answers me:
Yes, is a moment special for mi, why is to the that I lived with my dad when I turned
21 years old and after of that my life is transformed of much nervousness.
I him answered:
Good dad let`s go to the topic.
My dad me answered:
Result that this family has had always the ability of save a secret and the secret in that;
the men can travel in the time but always taking in mind the place and time precise for
I left half confuse with the that me had counted and decided go to my room and hide in the
cupboard and practice the that my dad me had said. I grip my hands with the thumbs inside,
and just is me passed for the mind the day previous, that I left to the moment exact for not leave
it in shame and decided kiss.
Came the summer and a friend of Jenner decided pass your vacation in home ours. I was
without words to the see so perfect beauty, but as I was timid not decided approach; passed the
days and the last night to the end I fronted my nerves and decided talk about my feelings she.
To the that to the end she me responded:
Why not me speakers of this to the beginning of summer?
And I desperately was to my room and me I directed to the cupboard and thought in the moment
the she came; and I came back in the time; the spoke such and which she me had said when
was the last night (that the speak the first day that had arrived), but not responded nothing and
I decided leave there.
Passed the year and me left a work in London; I decided travel and live in the house of a old
friend of my dad.
In my first day of work, met to a boy that is became in my friend, both not had luck with the
women. Our leader us recommended a place in where we could know to girls bets, to the end
our day of work , we decided lead us to that place, this great place was a restaurant of not seers,
all was very dark us attended a waiter that was blind, us said that him say the hand on the
shoulder for can lead us towards the room, us sat and we listen to a girls; we talked as some 4
hours and we leave for can see us the faces, us fall in love, she is Wen equal that my mother,
him I noted my cellphone number.
I good glad taking back to house, a reach was the friend of my dad very disappointed since, he
assessed written a story and already him reach construe it opposite junior, and to the that he
engage for that they action, they forget of the hyphen and not the accepted the work, I to the
look every crestfallen I stout turn to the moment in that fair wanted 10 minutes for begin the
piece, and I cross for the friend of my dad and to the finish the possessed success in your piece
risky, even if we were take backing to house I knurled Wen and seal call she, but the surprise
that the number yet not was and me resolve that not lead to the restaurant to theatre; in sequel
eon that never the I assets know.
I decided go and I agree that when we dialoged, she said that the her liked a place in special
and age a museum of art’s, also she say me that was of agreement whit the opinion of Joseph
McCollin about of that “the woman is the art most perfect of all”, good is a little confuse but I
decided go to these museum, I hope every day and the bent the night I see that she enter to
museum and I desperately decided steal you and the speak of me, and to be able to like her and
conquer her much faster, I told her about what, she agreed with the opinion of Joseph McCollin
and mentioned above; We spent the night together and arrived at midnight. WEN told me that
she was accompanying her to her car, we walked too much that when we arrived where the car
was, she told me that we had arrived at her house; in conclusion, she wanted to take me home.
We went inside and told myself to wait in the living room because she was going to put on her
pajamas in her room and hinted that if I wanted to later she could take it off, I would be stunned
to hear that since I had never been with a woman, but I faced my nerves and I went up to her
When I open the door I stumble on the heels that I had taken off, I sit on the bed with her, she
started kissing me and I began to feel my first excitement with a woman, I start to take off her
blouse and unbutton her bra to put more action; I trying to find the brooch in the back of the
back and she tells me that they are the brooch in front I was so embarrassed but I continued
with mine, we had sex but it was a little without action to what she told me:
Next time I'm sure it will be a little better.
I meditated and said:
Wait a moment I have to go to the bathroom.
I leave the room and go to a dark and enclosed place to do the trick and return to the moment
where I entered her room, but now I no longer tripped over my heels and I started to take the
bra from the front and now we have sex much more interested and wild and you end up all
tired, but since I loved that feeling I decide to return again to the moment I entered the room
and we have sex better than the previous time and now we end up on the floor; It was the best
night of my life.
I wake up next to her and she asked me if I wanted to live with her there in her house and I
answer yes, the weeks went by and one day she told me that her parents would come to visit
her and meet her new boyfriend; I was a little reserved in my way of being and dressing what
she suggested that I get a little elegant to receive them since they had good hopes that her
daughter's boyfriend and future husband would be a young man of ethics and values.
The parents arrived and were happy to see that with their daughter there was a very respectful
young man, we spent the afternoon sharing family anecdotes, until he stopped the night and
left. We spent months together and happy until one morning I asked her if she wanted to marry
me, she said yes, we began to see the place and date of our wedding party and decided to get
married in my homeland with my family, when my parents arrived They were amazed at the
daughter-in-law beauty they had. Well, the day of our wedding arrived and it started to rain
and I asked if my wife would have liked it to be on another date, when there is better weather
and she said no, the weather was perfect for her; and if for her it was perfect for me much
better. Years went by and we had our first daughter, when we turned 5 we prepared a party
with the whole family and my sister did not arrive, I worried about her I went looking for her
and I learned that she had an accident because of the boyfriend because they had discussed
before she comes to the party and I decide to return to the moment when she was going to leave
the house and I bring her to the party so that nothing happens and when I arrive I see that the
beautiful girl that was my daughter, was no longer So now I was a dark-eyed brunette, I
desperately ran to my father and asked him what had happened and told me:
Son, what happens is that when you turn back the time when a daughter's birthday is
your birthday, the sperm that reached the ovule is no longer the same; that is, how many
times you go back in time, children of different qualities will appear to you.
Then I decide to let my sister get an accident to return to my first daughter and thus motivate
my sister to recover quickly and after a few months I decide to prevent the moment she met
that boy and make me meet my best friend.
Years went by and I learned that my father had diagnosed lung cancer since he used to smoke
too much and decided to travel where he was to spend the last moments of his life with him,
then one day they went to tell my room that my father had died; I never said goodbye to him,
we buried him in the city cemetery.
I went to where my wife made my normal life but every night I returned in time to see my
father and tell him everything that happened to me on a daily basis, until my wife told me that
she wanted to give our daughter a little brother but I refused because I knew that
I had another son never ever saw my father again, but I went to my father and told him about
this and he told me to pay attention to the present. Then after several weeks I learned that my
wife was pregnant and when it was almost time for the birth of my son, I decided to travel in
time to see my father for the last time, I hug him so hard and my father tells me:
I understand why this hug, your daughter is about to be born true. And I replied: - Yes
father; that is, this will be our last hour together.
And I ask an important question:
Father tell me where you want us to go as your last wish.
And my father took me to the past where I was 10 years old and he was also very young and
we started playing on the beach like we never had before, we had a very spectacular time and
he advised me something:
Look son, when you feel you could do something better on that day, live it twice so you
never feel bad about the fact.
I said thank you for everything and I said see you soon father.
And so, I have spent my life, living it to the fullest with my loved ones as if they were the last
day of my life.
By: Gisela Valencia – Jean Carlos Moreno.
Level: 2nd BGU “B”