12. Jeremy likes heavy metal music. 15. We usually speak English in

1. I play computer games.
1. Do you make your bed every morning?
2. Laura reads magazines.
2. Do you have breakfast at home?
3. My sister listens to music after school.
3. Do you watch TV before you go to school?
4. We chat on the Internet.
4. Do you do your homework in the morning?
5. My dad makes models of aeroplanes.
5. Does she watch TV on Mondays?
6. You talk a lot on your mobile phone.
6. Does he do martial arts on Tuesdays?
7. The TV programme finishes at nine o'clock.
7. Do they go swimming on Wednesdays?
8. Mike carries a red bag to school.
8. Does he go cycling on Thursdays?
9. My German teacher also teaches French.
9. Does she play basketball on Fridays?
10. Nuria goes to the cinema on Sundays.
10. Do they meet friends on Saturdays?
11. My big sister does crossword puzzles.
11. Do you play volleyball? Yes, I do.
12. Jeremy likes heavy metal music.
12. Does Harry chat on the Internet? Yes, he does.
13. I always study on Saturday morning.
13. Do your parents speak Portuguese?No, they don't.
14. Jessie usually watches videos on YouTube.
14. Do you and your classmates study maths? Yes, they do.
15. We usually speak English in class.
15. Does Ed like chocolate?Yes, he does.
16. Raquel sometimes plays computer games.
16. Does Sophie's dad wear glasses? No, he doesn't.
17. I almost never go to the cinema at the weekend.
17. Do Ben and Nicole like drawing? Yes, they do.
18. I never go cycling on Mondays.
18. Do you watch TV in the evening?
19. The students often have homework.
20. I have piano lessons in the morning.
1. My friends don't like their timetable.
2. You don't study Chinese at school.
1. What is your favourite subject?
3. Rita doesn't play computer games.
2. Where do you live?
4. I don't watch TV before I go to school.
3. Where does your best friend live?
5. Tom's mother doesn't speak French.
4. When is your birthday?
6. Steve doesn't play tennis on Mondays.
5. Why do you like Art?
7. My friends and I don't study on Saturdays.
6. Who do you see at lunchtime?
8. Laura doesn't have breakfast at ten o'clock.
7. Where does she go after school?
9. I don't read comics in the classroom.
10. My dad doesn't do crossword puzzles.
11. We don't eat cereal for breakfast.
12. Maddie doesn't play the electric guitar.
13. Our last class doesn't finish at four o'clock.
14. Jim's parents don't do martial arts.
15. David Beckham doesn't live in Spain.
16. Chris and John don't read manga comics.
17. We don't have classes in July.
18. I don't read magazines.
19. Carl doesn't draw in his bedroom.
20. Meg and Jess don't watch DVDs.
8. How often do you buy CDs?
9. When do you usually do homewwork?
10. Who does Ana sit with in English class?
11. Where does Peter usually go after school?
12. How often do they take lunch to school?
13. What does Matt usually do after dinner?
14. Why do you use the Internet?
15. What do you do after school?
16. What programmes does she watch?