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Air-Repair Ficha Tecnica

Air Repair™
Air Cleansing Blend 15 mL
Aromatic Description: Fresh and Sweet
Ingredients: Litsea Oil, Tangerine Oil, Grapefruit Oil,
Frankincense Oil, Cardamom Oil
• Cleanses the air of infectious airborne microorganisms
• Provides antioxidant protection against exposure
to toxic oxidative stressors of the respiratory tract
• Supports healthy lung cell function and repair
incense only, not for external use or internal use
Air Repair™
Air Cleansing Blend 15 mL
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As populations grow and industries expand in large
metropolitan areas of the world, so does the risk of
exposure to airborne germs and toxic pollutants. Although
masques and air filters can help minimize exposure to
these toxic pressures, it is increasingly difficult to eliminate
all respiratory contact with toxins in the air we must
breathe to live. dōTERRA’s Air Repair is an aromatic blend
of essential oils combined to cleanse the air of infectious
airborne micro-organisms before they enter our lungs, and
to help protect lungs cells against exposure to toxic
airborne pollutants. Air Repair includes Litsea essential oil
which contains the phytochemical compounds neral and
geranial which have been demonstrated in laboratory tests
to have powerful anti-microbial activity against common
airborne pathogens. Air Repair also includes Tangerine and
Grapefruit essential oils that are natural sources of
limonene, a powerful phytochemical which has been
studied for its antioxidant and cell protective benefits, and
Frankincense which includes therapeutic alpha-Pinene
which supports healthy DNA function and repair.
Cardamom essential oil is included to help calm and open
airways and support healthy respiratory function. Air Repair
can be safely diffused at home or in the work place daily as
a proactive way to cleanse air of airborne microbes and
provide support to lungs exposed to environmental toxins.
Diffuse in home or office all day, every day. Use lightly for
day-to-day air maintenance and increase aromatic volume
during seasonal challenges or when exposure to air
pollution is unavoidable. One drop may also be added to air
filters and masques.
When diffusing, a very light aroma in a room is ideal. If you
experience any discomfort with eyes or respiratory track,
decrease the amount being diffused. For aromatic use only,
not for topical or internal use.
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