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Martina the beautiful Cockroach

Martina, the
Beautiful Cockroach
A Cuban Folk Tale
Genre - What’s a folk tale?
Martina, the Beautiful Cockroach is a typical Cuban folk tale, but… What is a folk tale?
Write a X next to the correct definition.
A folk tale is...
a story that people share and tell again and again. It’s part of a culture.
a conversation between two people.
- an article that gives you information about a science topic.
Complete the summary with the words from the box.
married - coffee - angry
Martina the Cockroach was ready to
get ___________. Her grandmother told
her to spill _________ on her suitor’s
shoes. She could see how they would
act when they are _________.
test - pig - wrong
From the balcony, Martina greeted her
suitors - a lizard, a rooster and a
________ . The Coffee ___________ showed
her they were the ____________ suitors.
shoes - mouse - husband - grandmother
Then, she saw a __________ . She didn’t
want to use the Coffee Test with him,
but her ___________ said “You have to do
it!.” Martina reached for a cup, but the
mouse got it first and spilled the coffee
on Martina’s ____________. Martina knew
he was the perfect ____________ .
Story map
Let’s complete the story map about Martina, the Beautiful Cockroach.
What does Martina
want to do?
Does she find the
perfect husband?
Who is it?