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Commerce - Law of the Sea
Let it be first understood that all systems are interconnected and with this und
erstanding one can then discern the greater complexity of organinization that ex
ists in both the temporal and the non temporal.
The complex can thus be refined down to a simple cause, while the simple can be
brought to its most complicated determination.
Commerce is the great metonymy for the energy that is put into and taken out of
this portion of the galactic system.
Metonymy (/m?'t?n?mi/ mi-TONN-?-mee) is a figure of speech in which a thing or c
oncept is called not by its own name but rather by the name of something associa
ted in meaning with that thing or concept.
The terms that will be shown to the listener are related to the sea and most wil
l take this to mean the ocean, This is true on only one level because the greate
r truth is that every term is more directly related to the ocean or sea of space
It may be difficult to comprehend because the controlling factions of this world
want everyone to remain ignorant while believing the earth and its inhabitants
to be the know all be all of the entire universe,
but there is an operation of life and systems occurring throughout the cosmos th
at is unfathomable to the comprehension of the human intellect. Humans being sho
cked at the prospect of intelligent life outside of Earth or others laughing at
the prospect of alien life are wholley unaware of how small their place is in th
e entire schematic of the operation.
The above is an absurd concept and degrading and demoralizing. If humanity canno
t comprehend such things then why and how is the narrator able to do so?
The Marine Admiralty Maritime Acts / Law as an acronym this is spelled as
The Marine Admiralty Maritime Acts or Law which is the Law of the Sea and the ba
nking systems are intent on keeping the distribution of the system in line with
the energetic operations of life and death. The living feed the dead so that the
dead can be reborn into the living again in an endless cycle.
The energy we put into the sea through commerce is the main medium of transport
to those in power and it's how this entire process continues to function.
It is the intention of this work to make the listener aware of the terminology t
hat is used in commerce.
Terms that the public is familiar with but unfamiliar with in the true severity
of their import.
A tender is a boat for communication between ship and shore and a ship that usua
lly provides supplies to other ships as well.
In the world of commerce as it stands, tender is something that is used as an of
ficial medium of payment.
A medium is someone or something that serves as an intermediary between the livi
ng and the dead and this makes sense when one understands that the purpose of co
mmerce is to charge the dead so that they can be reborn.
A courtroom judge is the metonymy in this reality who must "charge the debt" (de
btor) which reflects the higher inter-dimensional judge who must "charge the dea
d" (dead-ore/oar).
Tender is the middle tool that acts as this form of communication.
A tender is also known as something used to propose a payment with.
and the words are used on government legal tender promissory notes, erroneously
referred to as money.
To propose something is to be in the positive position with the offer. Hence 'pr
o' for positive and 'pos' being the synonymous word for position.
Proposition = Pro Position, or the "positive" position.
If the "off"er is accepted the positions of polarity have been reversed between
proposer and acceptor.
The medium of exchange has thus been diminished of its own capacity through the
energy used in this interaction, which is why all legal tender promissory notes
lose their value with each use just like a battery that loses its charge with ea
ch cycle of its protons and electrons through the neutron.
This process has been called inflation which leads us to our second term.
Inflation is in basic definition a progressive increase in the prices of goods a
nd services.
This is related to the ocean or sea with an inflatable craft, which is usually a
rescue boat of some kind used as a last resort after a shipwreck, for instance.
Inflation = Inflatabe rescue "craft" used when a "debtor/dead ore" has lost its
People the world over have missed the point of the terms, that the purpose of ba
nkrupting the nations was to serve as an indicator that this age is now using an
inflatable craft which needs to been blown up with more fresh air currency to k
eep it afloat.
This if course can only last for a short time until either a legitimate rescue a
rrives or the surviving crew members eventually all die. If one considers the la
rger planets as the ships and smaller planets as the rescue boats, this may make
more sense to the listener.
The following is NOT spoken (i.e. No spell has been cast)
Of course, there is no "legitimate" rescue that is going to arrive, just as it h
as never arrived before and never will in the time to come. This mentality of a
religious "savior" showing up or the arrival of an extra-terrestrial rescue (or
anything of a similar idealogy) only encourages ignorance. complacency and weakn
ess. In fact, it is one of the main roots of every problem that exists, because
nearly everyone is always waiting for someone to come along and fix everything.
This is NOT going to occur - EVER! The "outside savior" program is a sham. It's
time for everyone to discontinue this childish puerility!
It's a Sham Wow.
The religious "outside savior" program. It's a sham sold to the masses who soak
it up just as much as this horrible product that was sought by millions. They ev
en told everyone right to their faces that it was a sham! Did that matter? No. T
he controllers simply like to prove to each other how ignorant the masses are, w
hich is all included in their divine comedy. False religious saviors brought to
you by the secret societies and the churches are all part and parcel of this sch
It's a Sham Wow.
Audible Dialogue begins again
A cutter is a boat for communication between ship and shore.
Merchant ships were called revenue cutters and is where the term to 'cut a check
' is derived.
To cut something is to reduce the amount or number of that thing.
Here is the etymology for the word check:
"Check" is from the Middle English 'chek', and the Anglo-French 'eschec'. This w
as rooted from the Arabic 'shah' and the Persian that literally meant "king"; th
is is why the word "check" is used in chess when the king is in danger of being
taken out. To "cut" a "check" then, is to "cut a king".
A deal is a plank of soft wood, fir or pine board on the deck of a ship.
In commerce it is known as a particular instance of buying or selling.
To get a good deal was to refer to the area where certain goods were sold on the
decks of merchant ships in times past.
The deals were quite literally made on the deals of the ship
This is also why in a card games you have a deck of cards where each player gets
a deal
In a business a salesman will also "cut you a deal" because on a ships deck, dea
ls needed to be cut, just like any other wood floor that is accomplished in the
carpentry trade.
A merchant is a business person engaged in retail trade. This is from the French
word 'mer' meaning "sea, ocean" whereby the word 'Mer'maid is derived, hence "s
ea" - maiden.
The suffix word Chant means a repetative song in which as many syllables as nece
ssary are assigned to a single tone. Hence a 'Mer'chant is someone that sings a
repetative sea song or "song of the sea." because they wanted Re Peat customers.
'Chant' (from mer"chant") is a repetative song.
This is true when we follow the term "Repeat" which is linked etymologically wit
h the word for "feather." How?
"Repeat" and "feather" are linked.
The English term "repeat" is cognate with the Latin 'repetere' meaning "to retur
n" from the prefix 're' ("again, once more") and 'petere' translated as "to seek
, attack, claim, desire."
The Latin word 'petere' gave rise to the Old High German 'feder' meaning "wing."
Whereby wing is linked with the Sanskrit 'vati' or "it blows."
Sanskrit 'vati' translates as "it blows."
The wind is what blows and whats needed for the ships to continue on their merch
ant journies.
The Old High German 'feder' ("wing") is where the 'FEDER'al government derives i
ts name from. which is the central power of government.
The 'feder' or "wings" of government = the "war and peace" or "good and evil" pa
radigm of control that is a tightly woven and interconnected operation that is n
etworked from the moon, which is the communication with the star OF David (Satur
A 'davit' is a rescue boat which is the microcosm example in this world for the
rescue boat of the moon that each of us is born into this reality from. The word
'davit' is cognate with "David" being derived from the Middle English 'davoit',
and the Middle French 'daviet' for "joiner's cramp," a diminutive of "david cra
To 'cramp' something is to prevent the progress or free movement of it.
Synonyms of "cramp" are "confine, limit, pain, restrict" and "box in."
Saturn / Satan has "boxed us in" and despite what any Sautrn wor'SHIP'ing Freema
sons will tell you, our progress is being severely impeded because we are truly
being held prisoner within this nefarious system.
of the kabba stone
titled 'Kabba'
cube/hexagonal feature
north pole of saturn
and although not a part of the government is where the private institution known
as the Federal Reserve takes it moniker from as well.
'Feder' = 'Feder'al Re-Serve.
Added to all this, in sea terminology, to 'feather' is to turn an oar while rowi
and a proper English synonym for 'feather' is "square."
which can also be used to indicate the turning of an oar while rowing.
A 'square' is also by definition someone who doesn't understand what is going on
and the word square can also be correctly used as a verb to indicate that someon
e is being paid to settle a debt. Hence the phrase 'we're all squared up'
Humanity is being shown through the enormous amount of square symbolism that the
y have no clue as to what this operation is about and that part of the scheme is
about paying off a debt to someone or something...
A graduation "cap" which symbolizes the "hawk/eagle" of Saturn
picture of a mortar board
A masonry 'hawk'
That something is the feeding of Saturn, through the 'feathering' of energy, int
o the square of that planet.
To be in 'hock' (phonetic 'hawk') is to be in debt. The dead (debt/debts) go to
As a transitive verb, the etymolohy of the word "pay" comes from the Latin 'pica
re' meaning to "pitch, to smear with pitch."
Pitch was a heavy viscous substance like tar that was used to seal up the hulls
of ships from water leakage.
Of course a tar is a noun for a man who serves as a sailor.
Royal Tars by Brian Lavery
In commerce terms, to pitch something is to offer it for sale from place to plac
e. which is the reason for there being sales pitches.
and That's not the last of it.
The word "Feather" is linked with the word for "father" in the occult etymology.
and this is the hidden etymology of that
first of all, by taking out the first letter 'e' in f'E'ather we are left with '
While the English feather is linked back with the Old English 'fether' and Dutch
'veder' whereby a correlating Dutch word 'vader' means 'father.'
The Old English 'fether' and Dutch 'veder' both mean "feather" while the Dutch '
vader' translates as "father."
When we go back to the Sanskrit 'vati' meaning "it blows" linked with the Old Hi
gh German 'feder' for "feather" we find there is an exact match in Sanskrit with
the German word 'vati' that translates as "father."
Sanskrit 'vati' meaning "it blows" that is linked with the Old High German 'fede
r' for "feather" there is an exact match to the Sanskrit with the German word 'v
ati' that translates as "father."
Isn't it quite interesting to note that this word is found in the first four let
ters of the great Roman institution known as the VATI-can
which through this connection would mean the dog father, since 'can' is the Span
ish word for dog as related to the dog star of sirius where the false gods that
now control this world, came from.
References to the previous claim?
"Dog" spelled backwards is "god" and thus 'Vati-can' would also mean the "godfat
Which is why the Pope is also known as the "papa" since the Spanish 'pope' quite
literally means "papa."
and the basis of the word 'father is linked throughout the etymology for the ter
m Pope.
The Pope is known as the "papa" since the Spanish 'pope' means "papa."
add to this that the fact that the related Italian term 'vedere' (veder, vader,
feder, etc.) translates into the English as "see."
It is not a mistake that mortgages are for homes because the pledge to the dead
is about the luck/chance that each soul will have inside of their new home of bi
rth and whatever moon egg happens to find them.
The key to this 'home'/moon is SOULED/Sold.
The VATI-CAN "key" is from the "dog father/godfather" of the Sirius star system.
This happens in hell as shown by the Norweigan word 'hell' meaning "success, luc
k." Its the luck of the 'die' because everyone who dies goes into the case, box
vagina to try to find another home
from the latin casus or call chance
its the light of luck as shown by the german hell meaning bright light and the m
iddle dutch luke for luck related to the latin Luce for by daylight. its the lig
ht of Luce fur lucifer being given to the dead where more children are born in t
he moon
the french ferme meaning iron
being instituted from the latin fer meaning bearing one that bears.
This is why Lucifer is known as the 'light bearer' which is the light of the moo
n which has been pledged and paid to the dead. It gives the dead the lifeblood w
hich is filled with iron which becomes our blood iron bars of dna
The 'eucharist' (rooted in Latin 'eucharistial' meaning "vessel for the preservi
ng the holy eucharist" is a symbolic ceremony of putting the moon egg/woman's eg
g into the blood of the cervical "cup" which becomes a service (cervix/service)
to the gods. By drinking the "blood of christ" one is truly participating in a v
ampire ritual and symbolically drinking menstrual blood - the blood of the moon.
This entire operation is filled with IRONy...
and this entire operation is filled with iron e irony because it as dante stated
a divine comedy whereby irony is a synonym for sarcasm and the word sarcasm is
derived from the ancient greek 'sarx' meaning "flesh" because we are born into o
ur prison of flesh with its 'iron cells' of blood biology
on a more simplistic note, its also odd that the french language needed to have
a completely seperate word for mortgage when the word mortgage itself is from tw
o french words but this simply shows again the need for those in control of huma
nity to disquise the truth in every possible manner
An undertaking is a promise or a guarantee given in any piece of work that is un
dertaken or attempted.
As a noun it is known as the trade of a funeral director because in esoteric ter
ms this is the undertaking of the dead by the false light of the moon
An undertaker is one whose business it is to prepare the dead for burial.
A stiff is the dead body of a human being and also someone who refuses to pay or
Commerce and death go hand in hand.
Capital is known as the assests available for use in the production of further a
One phrase that has been used over and over again to reflect this is "you need m
oney to make money."
Capital is further more wealth in the form of money or property owned by a perso
n or business while governments and corporations refer to their human based capi
tal as human resources of economic value
Interestingly enough capitol is known as a seat of government.
The "house of commons" or "the temple of Jupiter."
In language a capital letter is one of the large alphabetic characters used as t
he first letter in writing or in printing proper names and is sometimes used in
writing for emphasis. The latin word capitale translates into english as capital
crime, punishment, loss of life or civil rights
and the phonetic of capital turns into cap it all which is the all caps name tha
t is associated with the human being that is tied to every definition of capital
This is why human beings are considered to be human resources and receive identi
fication from the government that shows your name in all capital letters, thus i
ndicating that you have lost all of your life and all of your rights and have be
en turned into liquid-dated capital.
Cap-It-All letters equates to a loss of life and a loss of civil rights.
Don't forget about Jupiter! This
It takes a tremendous feat of immaturity for those that call themselves adults t
o be shown and told about this information and then just simply scoff at it as i
f it all means nothing.
fade picture
CHRISTIAN Bale (Bail),
...and the becomes
never the less all capital energy is funnelled to the main source of this constr
uct and this energy is used for its own agenda. this is why there are capital ci
ties because these serve as an autonomy for the central hub of the state, provin
ce or territory where all of the funds or energy is channelled to. this is the r
eason for the saying all roads lead to rome
INSERT follow the yellow brick road
to earn is attain a gain on some commercial or business transaction such as earn
ing a salary or garnering wages
the phonetic homophone is urn which links with the word inter rest interest
those who are burying at inter and are at rest in their urn
this is why in capitalism one is able to earn interest
this is not a stretch of the imagination whatsoever as even the etymology of the
word earn / urn links us with these concepts
To earn is to attain
Autumn is the harvest time and farmers reap what they have earned through their
hard work
one noted obsolete term synonymous with earn that can be found in several dictio
naries is the word grieve
this is most likely an alteration yearn which has the word earn within it withou
t the letter y
esoterically this is in reflection with the harvester of souls who comes to reap
each one of us into the afterlife and see what it has earned urned
there is even a minutia of sadistic human in this connection since humans tend t
o ask the question why when their loved ones have been parted and the letter y i
s the one that is taken away in the word yearn to bring it down to urn
To utter is articulate either verbally with a cry, shout or noise.
Amazingly enough the word utter is to put as currency into circulation. circulat
ion is the orderly movement of things through a circuit which consitutes flow an
d with flow we have our link to the sea with its flowing waterways.
A withdrawl is known as the act of taking out money or other capital this comes
from the prefix word with meaning against such as a fight with his brother
and the suffix word draw meaning to inhale gain, therefore to with draw is be ag
ainst gain
Bank Draft
A draft is the depth of a vessels keel below the surface of water.
It is also known as a current of air which would be necessary to move a merchant
In banking a draft is a document that orders the payment of money from one bank
to another one.
According to nearly any dictionary, credit is belief. It is faith.
Also by definition
Credit is an accounting entry acknowledging income or capital items, and since a
ll fiat "let it be so" currency is in actuality credit, accounting entries are a
ll that exist which is why the books are always balanced.
If this were not true, then why are people paying back credit with credit.
Paying "credit" (faith/belief) WITH "credit" (faith/belief)
Belief and faith are the only forms of currency that are recognized in this unsu
stainable system and it would be wise to recognize the significance of these sta
stain glass picture
"Let there be Light"
'God and my right'...
A trader is someone who buys and sells because they are interested in short term
Phonetically spoken a 'trader' is a 'traitor.' This is because anyone who is wil
ling to create a duality of destruction and competitive retribution against thei
r fellow species is a traitor not only to everyone that they seek to manipulate,
but also a self-traitor.
Look at the stock market. Everyone involved in this scheme is called a 'trader'
and for good reason.
The capital name that nearly everyone exists under connects everyone to this exc
hange to be traded as capital stock on the stock market; or the E.T. MARK.
Humanity is considered the stock, or animals that are kept for use and profit, w
hich is why we are human resources.
We are chained by the BONDS of this prison
which is why there are both
as related to the sea
a STOCK is the cross piece that is on an anchor. The other parts of an anchor gi
ve more of the sea related parts of the game away since a BILL is the end of the
anchor hook and a FLUKE is the part of the anchor that fastens into the ground.
Some SAILS/Sales are just flukes while others are worked for with more difficult
The Crown is also involved since this is the middle bottom curved portion of the
Nothing has been left out.
The logistics of this are taken care of through the parliamentary, congressional
, and court systems because stock is also known as a base for soup.
What? "Soup?"
What does that have to do with court systems
Simply because 'stock' is also known as 'broth' and the Latin word 'jus' transla
tes into English as "law, right, soup, gravy, broth, ordinance, decree, canon."
That's the 'GRAVE E train' (to "E"/Saturn) which is a windfall or an exploited s
ource of easy money.
'Jus' is furthermore where the word "JUStice" is derived, and "broth" gives us t
he reasoning behind the secret society Broth-erhoods that shape and monitor this
In law dictionaries, there is a term known as 'jus abutendi' that is a Roman and
civil law decreeing the right of a property owner to make full use of said prop
erty even to the extent of wasting or destroying it. This is the reason that the
controllers are so intent on owning everything and declaring it to be under the
ir dominion - to destroy it all at their own whims and discretions.
Hired and Fired
I'll end this segment with arguably the greatest duality of them all, Heaven and
This is seen in the words
Hired and Fired:
To be hired is to actually be "highered" or lifted up to a 'higher' state of bei
ng or life, while to be fired is to be 'Fired' - sent to "hell" and lowered in s
tatus, position, lifestyle, security, comfort, and everything "good" that "heave
n" is claimed to be.
... to be continued
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by Chiron Last
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