If You Give A Mouse A Cookie Plan

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
1) Pre-teach the vocabulary using the activities on this website:
2) Prepare a set of pictures for each student. As you read the story, have
students hold up the picture that best illustrates what you are saying, then
have them place the pictures on their desks so that the events of the story
form a circle.
3) Read the story again, posting the correct pictures on the board as you come
to them. Allow students to check their work.
4) Have students practice retelling the story to a partner using the following
If you give a mouse a __(Object 1)____, he will want a __(Object 2)_.
If you give a mouse a __(Object 2)____, he will want a __(Object 3)_.
If you give a mouse a __(Object 3)____, he will want a __(Object 4)_.
Practice vocabulary with this formula:
Si le das un/a ________________ a un ratón, él querrá un/a _________________.
Practice grammatical structures with these formulas:
Si le das [insert picture] a un ratón, él (Future Tense Verb) [insert picture here].
Una vez que (Present Perfect Subjunctive) él querrá [insert picture here].
5) While students are practicing, the teacher can circulate, doing on-the-spot
oral assessments by having one student tell part of the story. The teacher
prompts when necessary, then moves to a nearby student to tell the next
part of the story.
6) Have students use the above pattern to write their own clone stories.
7) Students can share their stories with one another in small groups, post them
on Voicethread http://www.voicethread.com then vote for their favorites.
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