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Informal Letter Example by Juan David Landazabal

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Seattle, WA 98101
Dear Ben,
May 11, 2020
Hope you’re doing great. Last weekend I went to the cinema with Mark to watch a
movie about Sci-Fi, I think you know it and It’s called Avengers Endgame. In my
personal opinion was the best movie I have ever seen this year; it had a lot of action
combined with Sci-Fi and a very good story. The movie lasted quite a long time, but the
experience was exceptional because we bought special chairs that had vibration and
move. That was the first time I used special chairs and will not be the last.
Also, we bought a whole bucket of popcorn that wasn’t cheap and two big sodas to
drink during the whole function. The function was at midnight (yes, I know it was too
late), but we had already arrived at the mall three hours before function started. In
those three hours we went to arcade games and we played a lot. Also, we bought a lot
of things and my money disappeared (I had spent all my money!) Fortunately, Mark
had money to buy popcorn and soda. After function ended, Mark left me at home so I
went to sleep because I was so tired.
Would you like to go to the cinema next week? I heard that they are going to release a
Horror movie and I know you love Horror movies. Write me ASAP.