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Psychological impact of the horror movies between children

Psychological impact of the horror movies between children
Before to start I would like to ask something: How many years did you had when you watched your
first horror movie?
(contar experiencia)
Well, as time goes by, I had seen that some kids prefer to watch horror movie with or without the
company of their parents. But here the question: It´s a good idea that children can be allowed to
watch horror movies? There is a bad impact for them? Let´s check some statements.
The horror movies are the favorite kind of movies for most of people, it helps us to jump to another
reality and live the adrenaline of the movie from the comfort of your home. There is a different
kinds of good movies which everybody had watched at any rate one. For example: Saw, the
exorcism, the nightmare of the elm street, chucky, the ring, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
This famous movies, can produce several psychological problems in children, (we have to clear that,
from the age of 0-12 years is considered like a child, and up to 8 years old almost children can
difference between their reality) that explains how a kid can get scary more quickly, producing in
themselves anxiety, traumas, sleepless or influence their conduct for violence acts.
For that reason, we like adults, big brothers or sisters, parents, and others, we have the big
responsibility for protect our children of this kind of movies, because during their age, they are more
sensible than us, and we can create the same fear or damage which one day I had suffered too.