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1.-Use the present perfect to complete these sentences.
1. Where you (be) where have you been? I have been (be) to the dentist.
2. You (have) have had breakfast? Yes, I have (have).
3. The post (come) has come? Yes, it...
4. You (see) have seen my watch anywhere? No, I'm afraid I...
5. Someone (wind) has winded - wound the clock? Yes, Tom...
6. He just (go) has gone out.
7. I (not finish) haven`t finished my letter yet.
8. Someone (take) has taken my bicycle.
9. The phone (stop) has stopped ringing.
10. You (hear) have heard from her lately? No, I...
11. I just (wash) have washed that floor.
12. The cat (steal) has stolen the fish.
2.- Use the present perfect or the past simple to complete these sentences.
In some cases you have to change other elements.
1. I already have traveled (travel) in a plane when I was (be) in America last year.
2. The film just finished (finish just)
3. My mother says I has put (put) my life in danger.
4. James has written (write) the passage in 1979.
5. I have worked (work) in that factory two weeks ago.
6. They have studied for (study-since/for) ten years.
7. You have lived (live) in that house (since/for) January.
8. They have prepared (prepare) the bag yesterday.
9. They have drunk (drink) wine since they were young.
10. A: I haven`t seen (to see, negative) Anna for a long time.
11. B: Really? I have seen her yesterday. (to see)
12.They have gone (to go) to Venice three years ago.
3.- Use since/for in these sentences:
1. I've lived in Spain for - since 11 years now.
2. I've worked at this English school for six years.
3. Carlos's had internet at home since August last year.
4. I haven't seen Maggie since the party.
5. We've been waiting for the bus for over half an hour now.
6. I've put on 4 kilos since Christmas.
7. That new clothes shop has been open ________ last Saturday.
8. Have you been married ________ a long time?
9. I've been surfing the net ________ half past seven this morning.
10. The police have been at the scene ________ 3 hours.
11. She's been talking non-stop ________ 20 minutes.
12. Matt hasn't seen Clare ________ his school days.