Subido por erik gonzalez valdez


My bedroom
*There is nothing in my bed...
*My guitars are next to my bed, in front of me is my piano
*Behind my guitars is my merchandise
*There are images on the wall
*on top of my merchandise there is a box with more merchandise
*in the center is the dining room...
*next to the table is the stove, and in front of the sink, in front *of the sink is the
gas tank and next to it is a small shelf, on the *shelf are some things and
ingredients, the others are in the *refrigerator
Flower room
*here i make my flowers (bouquets and flower arrangements)
*here is my refrigerator and a piece of furniture without taking care on top of
the furniture are my work tools (for flowers) and some board games there are
cardboard boxes with oases and cones, bows, foliage, everything to decorate
The hall
Here is nothing just a hallway ... (well there is a door in front XD)
The garden
Well, in the garden there is a random harvest ... next to it there are flowers and
a rustic rock wall, a fruit tree (peach) behind are the clotheslines xd and in front
is the house