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ST coilover bmw e36

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GT BMW 3 Series E36
Sedan, Coupe, Convertible, Wagon
Congratulations! You were selective enough to choose a ST Coilover / SUSPENSION TECHNIQUES
PRODUCT. We have spent many hours developing our line of products so that you will
receive maximum performance with minimum difficulty during installation.
Do not begin installation if any part is missing. Read the instructions thoroughly before
beginning this installation.
DO NOT work under a vehicle supported by only a jack. Place support stands securely under
the vehicle in the manufacturer’s specified locations unless otherwise instructed.
DO NOT drive vehicle until all work has been completed and checked. Torque all hardware to
values specified.
Proper use of safety equipment and eye/face/hand protection is absolutely necessary when
using tools to perform procedures!
It is very helpful to have an assistant available during installation.
The ST Coilovers for automobile suspensions are designed for easy installation. If noted
otherwise in these instructions, all suspension components are installed and removed in
accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications for installing and removing standard springs
and damper components.
Prior to beginning any installation work, please read the following carefully:
1. The suspension components must match the suspensions application specifications (spring
and shock/struts identification numbers).
2. The suspension components may only be installed by trained technical personnel using the
proper tools.
3. All instructions with herein, shall be thoroughly read prior to beginning any installation work.
4. Never use impact wrenches or guns to install or remove shock absorber piston hardware.
5. Never disassemble or cut open shock absorbers and/or shock absorber inserts. These
contain oil under pressure. There is a danger of explosion.
6. Prior to driving on roads or highways it is recommended to test drive the vehicle in a remote
location so that you can become accustomed to the revised driving characteristics and
handling. The vehicle will handle substantially different now that it has been modified.
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1. Open the ST Coilover kit and remove all of the contents.
2. Park the vehicle on a smooth, level concrete or seasoned asphalt surface and activate the parking
brake. Block the REAR wheels of the vehicle with appropriate wheel chocks; making sure the
vehicle’s transmission is in 1st gear (manual) or “Park” (automatic).
3. WE RECOMMEND the use of a vehicle hoist or lift when installing the suspension. If neither is
available and jacking equipment will be used, make sure that the vehicle is secured with
commercial wheel blocks and jack stands to ensure safety.
4. Using a properly rated floor jack, lift the front wheels of the vehicle off the ground. Place support
stands, rated for the vehicle’s weight, and in the factory specified locations. Refer to the vehicle
Owner’s Manual. Prior to lowering the vehicle onto the stands, make sure the supports will
securely contact the chassis prevent personal injury and chassis damage! Make sure that the
supports stands are properly placed prior to performing the following procedures. We DO NOT
RECOMMEND using wheel ramps while performing this installation.
As mentioned previously, only trained technical personnel using proper tools, are
recommended to do actual installation.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If the vehicle is equipped with ride height sensors, they should be
removed before removal of struts or dampers, otherwise damage may occur.
The struts should be removed as specified by the manufacturer’s instructions.
Manufacturer recommended tools for removal of the original struts, or suitable spring
compressor must be used in order to remove most factory mounted suspension systems.
Mount the complete suspension system as described on the following pages.
Never use impact drivers to install nuts on the piston rods as permanent damage may occur. It
is imperative that you do not damage the piston rod surface, through the use of pliers, etc., as
the smallest damage will result in seal damage and will not be covered under the warranty.
Stay within the lowering range specified in the table on the following page.
Example: With a specified range of 20-60mm (.787in-2.36in), 40mm (1.57in) is your height
adjustment range.
Install the suspension components in the vehicle as specified by the vehicle manufacturers in
their documents and/or as described below.
Except as noted, all torque values must comply with the manufacturer recommended
After assembly and installation is complete, the vehicle should be rolled onto level ground.
Once on level ground, measure the vehicle height and adjust to the customers requirements,
within the prescribed lowering range.
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A Division of KW AUTOMOTIVE North America, Inc.
Wheel hub center – wheel arch maximum measurement in the following table
must not be exceeded. Also take into account the minimum road clearances specified in the
following table.
Once the final height is found, ensure that the set screw on each spring collar is tightened to
prevent movement of the spring perch. On vehicles with separate shock/spring combinations,
no set screw is necessary.
Do not over tighten the set screw. Torque to manufacturers specs.
Vehicle alignment specifications should be set as close to the recommended manufacturers
settings as possible.
Examine the clearance between the tires and the suspension over the full range of motion of
the wheel. The minimum clearance between the suspension and the tire is 5mm (.196in). If
this clearance is less than 5mm (.196in), wheel spacers may be necessary. With strut designs
that are located close to the wheel, but that have no steering functions, use 100mm (3.93in)
spacers on diagonally opposed wheels (e.g. front right, rear left). In this position, you must be
able to achieve the minimum clearance required. You can also check the clearance between
tire and body.
With torsion beam trailing arm axles, this method is not sufficient. The wheel
must be under full load as well as test driven to properly calculate the clearances of 5mm from
any other components.
All components that are controlled by vehicle ride height (headlights, brake bias regulator, etc.)
must be adjusted as specified by the vehicle manufacturer instructions and procedures.
1. When adjusting the vehicle height, it is important to make sure that the threads are clean and free
of debris. After initial cleaning, move the perch by 10mm (.393in) downwards, and then clean the
area that you desire to adjust the perch (up or down).
2. During the height adjustment on separate shock and spring systems, remove the perch from the
vehicle to adjust the height.
3. After adjusting the vehicle height, repeat steps 9 through 12 from the above the general mounting
4. In the area of the piston rod and the sealing package of the new and used damper might be oil and
grease collected. This could either be caused by using a special black grease during assembling
the washer or due to accumulation of streak oil. Furthermore, oil is used during assembling the
cartridge and rod guide.
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A Division of KW AUTOMOTIVE North America, Inc.
Coilover part number 90211
Technical data
Vehicle model
max. permissible front axle load:
BMW 3er E36
Type 3B, 3/B, 3C, 3/C
rear axle
Spring indentification number
KW 20-60-80 / KW 70 - 170
KW 2003
Coilover strut / Shock absorber
200 1001
200 1101
15 mm / 0.6 inch
55 mm / 2,2 inch
0 mm
30 mm / 1.2 inch
300 mm / 11,8 inch
340 mm / 13.4 inch
295 mm / 11.6 inch
325 mm / 12.8 inch
Approximate adjustment
range* A in inches
Approximate wheel hub center to fender edge
measurement** B in inches
Calculating the adjustment range: (Photos are examples only)
Remaining thread measurement Remaining thread measurement A
Measurement B
of Strut A
Wheel hub center wheel arch
Please enter the adjusted height of the modified car into the list
Wheel hub center to wheel arch
Measurement B
Measurement A
Coilover part no
Vehicle type
The remaining thread measurement is approximate and is only intended as a general guide.
Actual results may very due to various axle weights.
The allowable measurement between wheel hub center and fender edge
as indicated above, may not exceed this measurement when using standard fenders.
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A Division of KW AUTOMOTIVE North America, Inc.
Front axle:
Original washer has to be installed between spring perch and supporting bearing.
The original supporting bearing has to be mounted with the
supplied stop nut. Tightening torque for the piston rod is
(26 ft-lb). Please install the strut unit to manufacturers
recommended settings regarding tightening torque and
fixing specifications.
After you have completed installation of the suspension, check the clearance of the tires to the front
suspension strut. The minimum clearance at the narrowest point is 5 mm (.196in) and must, where
necessary, be provided using commercially available approved spacers.
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A Division of KW AUTOMOTIVE North America, Inc.
Rear axle:
The height adjustment (winding sleeve and slot ring) has
to be placed on the top of the spring. To correct the car
height you will have to release the shock absorber on the
axle and unload or dismantle the adjustment.
Use original additional spring (elastomer). This has to be
in soundness or it has to be replaced by a new one.
Please use series spare parts of BMW E36 M3.
Tightening torque for the piston rod is (18 ft-lb). Please
install the strut unit to manufacturers recommended
settings regarding tightening torque and fixing
Please use the supplied washer on
installing the shock absorbers. The washer
has to be installed towards car centre (as
shown on the picture).
The rear axle shock absorber according to the car manufacturer installation instructions. Unless there is no
bump stop in the delivery contents of KW, the standard bump stop has to be used. The standard bump stop has
to be in a good condition, otherwise it has to be replaced.
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