Co-operation profile details from Enterprise Europe SEIMED

Co-operation profile details from Enterprise Europe SEIMED
BOUK20160601001 - Distributors sought for unique, highly visible message display
system for road vehicles.
Business partnering opportunity
To enhance the visibility of important vehicle messages such as “baby on board” and “learner driver” a UK SME has exclusive rights over a unique,
side window mounted display system for road vehicles. Partners currently selling to the auto accessories retail trade are invited to help grow European
sales. Distribution services agreements are offered.
Currently, basic warning and emergency messages for vehicles such as “doctor on call”, “baby on-board” or “learner driver” are limited to being
displayed either in the front and rear screens or attached to the front and rear body work. This means that while they may be visible to other road users
immediately behind or, through mirrors, in front of the vehicle displaying such a message they cannot be seen from vehicles further away in a stream or
queue of traffic.
An East of England SME has exclusive rights to an innovative system that allows signs displaying such messages to be mounted on the side windows
ensuring that they project out from the side of the vehicle (though keeping within the limits of the side mirrors). The advantage of this arrangement is that
the messages displayed can be far more clearly seen by other road users not so close but who need to be aware.
For example, in the unfortunate incidence of a multi-vehicle road traffic accident, it helps emergency services quickly identify any vehicle that may be
carrying vulnerable infants and so give them appropriate priority. In another example, if a car being driven by a learner driver is leading a queue of
traffic, then drivers further back in the queue can see the “learner driver” sign and help them understand the reason for the queue and show some
The SME has gained the interest of a major UK retailer of motor accessory products and now seeks companies who are supplying motor accessory
products to the retail market to help build sales of the products across Europe. Distribution services agreements are offered.
Target partner expertise sought:
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Companies selling motor accessories to the retail market are invited to help develop sales of these products in
European markets through distribution services agreements.
Key information:
Country of origin: UNITED KINGDOM
Listed under: Manufactura Industrial \ Construcción \ Otras Tecnologías Industriales \ Transport on Land \ Industria
Profile created on: 01/06/2016
Last updated: 16/06/2016
Closing date: 16/06/2017
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