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Ingles en el restaurante IHOP

Morning gentlemen, welcome to ihop restaurant, Please let me walk in to your table.
make yourselves comfortable , you are all in home.
Please, let me introduce myself My name is Raul Zaldivar i am the shift manager,
anything you may need, i am here at your service, as well, all the personal here present.
we are very pleased that you join us.
Before we take a look at the menu, how many of you are regular guests in IHOP?
ok then, i am hoping to exceed your expectations gentlemen.
Can we offer you something to drink?
can we start with you madam?
what would you prefer? a cup of coffe, or maybe an orange juice, if you like we can get
you any soda from the pepsi family.
very well
and for you?
i will be right away with your drinks.
As soon as your command, we can start order the breakfast.
strawberry compote
how do you prefer the eggs?
scramble eggs
sunny side up eggs
over easy eggs
you can order it with ham, bacon or sausage.
it goes with 2 pieces of each or mixed.
this plate goes with 3 butterside pancakes, so if you are hungry this is the plate for you.
are you all well attended?
It is everything excelent?
can i retrieve your plate?, can i retrieve that?
you are very very kind sir, thank you so much. As i mencioned before i am here at your
he is not gonna let me lie about it.