Proyecto 2-Mi comida favorita

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Proyecto 2-Mi comida favorita
Create a plate containing your favorite meal. You will talk about the items on your plate in your
script. Include at least one food from the following food categories:
_____ las frutas o los vegetales (verduras)
_____ la proteína (carne)
_____ los granos
_____ un postre
_____ un producto lácteo (dairy)
You may use any of the following:
 drawings*
 real photos*
 clip art*
 pictures from magazines*
*ALL pictures must be in color and neatly organized on your plate
Write a script in Spanish to memorize and present in front of the class. Answer ALL of the questions
below (in any order). Include any other information you wish to share with the class.
1. ¿Qué te encanta/n?
2. ¿Con quién comes la comida?
3. ¿Cómo es la comida? (Describe 2-3 items with adjectives.)
4. ¿Cuándo comes la comida?
5. ¿Por qué te gusta comer _____?
6. ¿Qué comes para mantener la salud?
7. ¿Qué haces para mantener la salud?
8. ¿Quién prepara la comida?
9. ¿Qué bebes con la comida favorita?
10. ¿Con qué frecuencia* comes la comida? (*How often)
What is due on the day of the presentation?
Rough draft
Typed final or neatly handwritten Spanish copy
Plate with food
1. Final copy of script and visual (my plate)-_______/ 20 points
____ My spelling is correct. (Use your vocab list to double check.)
____ Accent marks are used (when appropriate). Proper punctuation and capitalization is
used. (Use your vocab list to double check.)
____ My handwriting is legible (or I typed my script).
____ I used a variety of sentence types. This means that not all sentences begin the same way.
____ All of my food is in color and neatly arranged on my plate.
2. Speaking grade (see below)- __________ /100 points
____/10 I completed my script using the guidelines provided. I used extra details to improve
my writing.
____/10 I have my script memorized. (fluency)
____/10 My Spanish pronunciation is accurate.
____/10 I used a variety of vocabulary from 3A-3B effectively to present my ideas. I
included vocabulary from other chapters to expand upon my writing.
____/10 My grammar is correct:
I conjugated all verbs accurately using the correct verb ending.
I checked that my adjectives and nouns agree (in number and gender).