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Automatic Feeding Systen

Cat Feeding System
Group 9 Update 5
Dual Degree Laurea Magistrale Ingegneria Elettronica
Villamarin David, Zambrano Benjamin
• Work has been done on step motors, for example, the dimension of which weight is the most optimal and also which
ones are consistent with the solar cells.
• This week we are still working on the physical prototype, but in order to do the 3D printing for this we are doing
stress tests in the SolidWorks program.
• For the dimensioning of the motors we go in what type of load we are going to put to the motors, which speed will
work, the effort, tension and finally you can also choose a sizing software.
• To talk about theft sensors, this is a very broad topic since there are people who work on this issue, so my colleague
and I choose to use an electromagnetic sensor that is usually installed in windows.
Problems encountered
• One of the problems we have had in physical design is to obtain the best design for this we have based on statistics
of which prototypes buy more and review the comments, this is why we are still working on the physical design on
• We had to take into account the mass of the food plate for the dimensioning of the servo motor that will serve the
meal out of the system in order to have a more accurate measure of the meal weight.