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The national dish in the kitchen of many Arab countries, including Egypt, traditionally applied
to the table for breakfast. It is cooked over low heat beans, which can be flavored with garlic,
lemon juice and olive oil. Due to the low cost and nutritional ingredients, ful since ancient
times is an important part of the diet of ordinary people.
Spicy lentil soup appreciate adherents strong flavor and spicy
aroma. A rich and vegetarian recipes.
Actually, mahshi are very different. It is used for stuffed zucchini, eggplant, cabbage, grape
leaves, pepper, potatoes. In general, Egyptians are preparing a huge mahshi pot. Well, come
very fast. The most delicious Mahshi Hurghada prepares in small local restaurants.
It is a Cajun dish, typical of New Orleans, a city that knows a lot about gastronomy and fusion
cuisine. It is basically rice with chicken, shrimp, sausages and a few spices. It has a spicy touch,
so if you don't like the spicy roll… well, almost ask for something else.
In the past it was a "poor" dish since it was prepared with the remains of previous meals. Today
it is one of the most famous in the state of Louisiana.
This donut-shaped muffin is one of the most typical breakfasts in cities like New York. It can be
served in a thousand and one ways: there are salty versions such as smoked salmon and
cream cheese or sweet versions such as peanut butter and jam.
Lobster Roll
It is a sandwich in a dog-like bread stuffed with lobster meat seasoned with mayonnaise,
lemon, salt and pepper. It is a light dish, perfect for summer days. It is mostly found on the East
Coast although there are several chains, such as Luke’s Lobster that have stores spread over
several sites.
meal comparison
Egyptian food is a varied meal between meat and vegetables, it also has a large load of
species that gives the food a more spicy flavor.
American food is a meal that has a large fat load, Americans throughout the history of the
nation have always eaten food without variation of meat and vegetables.