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Manager 1: hey, i need help posting the core values of the company in our website, could you
help me?
Manager 2: sure, have a seat. how can i help you?
M1: well, human resources told me they need to show only three core values, but the manual lists
a lot of values, so i cant choose only three.
M2: i see, i'd start with customer loyalty. you could write about how important is for us to mantain
the preference and trust of our customers.
M1: sounds great, thanks. what do you think of including social responsability, though?
M2:fine, why not? you could write about our social responsability initiatives and how we do a
balance between our economy, the welfare of the society and the environment. like our
M1:good idea. but it's a website, and there's nothing about our strategies to keep the first place in
our area in the world. i may include something about them, right?
M2:what have you thought?