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After Effects CS5 Project : Perfect Lines Slideshow.
Short version: 1:30 min, 18 placeholders
Long version: 2:15 min, 30 placeholders
3 color presets
Full HD 1080p, 25 fps
Easy to custom Colors and Titles
Light Leaks footage included
No Plug Ins required
No music /photo included
1. Introducing to project.
Just open the Perfect Lines Slideshow Project. Here in timeline window
you can see “Main” composition. Here you can see all used scenes with
photos and text layers (Hiden).
In project manager you can find
main compositions and folders.
For customizing of project you
need to use just [Text Replace]
folder with all text compositions,
[To Replace] folder with solids and
[PlaceHolders] with all
placeholder`s compositions.
There are in timeline of Main composition 2 layers with setups: [Settings]
layer and [Color Presets]. In Effect Controls of [Settings] layer you can
find some helpful options: Help Numbering (Show number of current
placeholder), Numbers Color, Lines
adjustment etc.
In [Color Presets]
layer`s effect
controls you can
choose one of 3
color presets (or
combine them).
2. Import Your Photos or Video
You can make it in 2 ways.
First: In Folder “To Replace”
select needed number of solid
(Replace 1,2,3..) – right click
on it – Replace Footage – File
– and select your photo or
video. Or you can just import
your photos in Project
Manager ( drag it here, or –
right click- import- file), open
needed composition in [PlaceHolders] folder and drag it here. Place your
footage in appropriate compositions (Place 1,2,3...) above Solids. In this
compositions you can scale your Footage and change it position like you
How to turn off Help Numbering :
In project used fonts
Windsong -
Diner -
Music in preview -
If you have any questions – feel free contact me [email protected]
Thanks for purchase.