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euroncap kia-cerato 2006 3stars

Adult occupant protection
Frontal impact driver
Child restraints
Frontal impact passenger
Side impact driver
Pedestrian protection
18 month
old Child
Baby-Safe Plus
rearward facing
3 year old
Duo ISOFIX Plus,
forward facing
Safety equipment
Front seatbelt pretensioners
Front seatbelt load limiters
Driver frontal airbag
Front passenger frontal airbag
Side body airbags
Side head airbags
Pedestrian protection
Car details
Tested model
Kia Cerato 1.6EX,
Body type
5 door hatchback
Year of publication
Kerb weight
VIN from which
rating applies
Driver knee airbag
ISOfix front
ISOfix rear
Front impact
The passenger's chest was compressed more by the seatbelt loads than the driver's and was used in the calculation of
the adult occupant rating. Rearward pedal movement represented a risk to the driver's lower legs and was penalised.
The car lost points for areas of the facia which could potentially be injurious to the front seat passenger's knees and
Side impact
In the side impact, forces transferred in an unrealistic manner up the test dummy’s spine, reducing the forces
recorded by the instrumentation in its chest. The car was penalised for this and the chest ended up scoring zero
points. The abdomen scored only 0.08 out of a possible 4 points as a result of the loads to which it was subjected
during the test. Although the car was eligible, Kia did not choose to sponsor the optional pole test to demonstrate the
effectiveness of the curtain airbag.
Child occupant
Rearward-facing childseats should not be fitted in the front passenger seat of the Cerato as there is no way of
disabling the airbag for that seating position. The label warning against the use of rearward-facing child restraints in
the front passenger seat was in English only and was not visible when the sun-visor was stowed: it was not given any
The bumper and bonnet leading edge scored no points for pedestrian protection. The protection offered to an adult
pedestrian's head also scored no points.