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Rosana’s class Happy St Patricks!
Easter at TECS
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Intercentre competition poster
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Fun in the summer with TECS
What is the most difficult thing about learning English?
Interview with Enresto
What do you enjoy most about learning English?
How long have you been studying English?I started when I
was 4 years old so about 12 years
I enjoy watching films in English and reading books in
When did you first come to TECS?
I came when I was 8 or 9
What advice would you give to someone learning English?
Don’t just study English in class. You have to find other
things out of the class for example try to find a friend who
What do you enjoy most about the TECS classes?
You don’t just focus on grammar and vocabulary but cover
different things like listening and pronunciation. I enjoy
focusing on pronunciation and in classes there is a big focus
on vocabulary and useful idioms and expressions.
Why do you think it´s important to be able to speak
You can travel around the world and speak to people in
different countries. For example I have friends in Germany,
Italy and Japan and I have to speak to them in English.
Do you like learning English or do you see it as something
you simply must do?
I don’t enjoy learning grammar but when I have learned it I
find it useful and I enjoy using it ay summer camps and
doing things I wouldn’t be able to do if I didn’t speak
What other languages do you speak?
Apart from Spanish I speak French and I started learning
speaks English and talk to them, read books in English or
read a blog or something.
Have you ever visited an English speaking country?
Yes I was in Ireland for four months and in the USA month.
In Cork I went to an Irish school and lived with a host
family. In America I went on a cultural programme where I
was learning more about the way they lived. That was in
How did it differ from learning English in Spain?
I was talking to native speakers all the time and I watched a
lot of English television. There are some things that you
cannot learn in class.. idioms etc and the way they text.
How often do you study English?
Very often. I watch Youtube channels, I read books in
English and I skype in English
How do you hope to use your English in the future?
I hope to travel around the world and maybe live for a
while in the US.
Italian this year. I´m currently preparing the B2 exam in
French but my English is stronger than my French.
What are your favourite books or films in English?
Films – Mama Mia and Soul Surfer
Books – The Divergent Trilogy
Friday classes in Cádiz
JG’s phrasal verb song
Don´t Tell Me Off!
A rewriting of Taylor Swift´s Shake It Up, using phrasal verbs
by Nacho Barra, Julia Gutíerez, Victor Pecci, Maria Ribadavia, Paula Rodriguez and
Andrea Saleis
I always turn up late
I never seem to care
At least, that´s what JG says
At least, that´s what JG says
When I hang out with my friends
Wanna carry on don´t let it end
That´s what we all say
That´s what we all say
But I keep cruising….. saying it´s gonna be alright
But I´m never gonna give up up up up
And we never wanna grow up up up up
We just wanna shake shake shake
Don´t tell me off, don´t tell me off
And the aeroplanes they all take off off off off
And I really hate to wash up up up up
We just wanna shake shake shake
Don´t tell me off, Don´t tell me off!
Comic strips!
In our Starters 2 class we introduced our Pilot project
The Children and parents had a great time!
More comic strips!
Starters I Radkas class
Rosana’s class
Happy Easter at TECS
Happy Easter at TECS
Congratulations to the winners
of the certificates and prizes!
Happy Easter everyone!
Teens art work and comics
Laura and JGs teens have done some fantastic work here!!
Above we have JG´s UpperINT I
teens class poster!
Intercentre Competition
Saturday 23rd May
TECS-Central = Pandas and Sharks
TECS-Spark = Tigers
TECS-Jerez and Cadiz = Unicorns
The topics they have
focused on include:
- Food and Fruit
- The Beach
- Valentine’s day
- The family
- Carnival
- Chinese New Year
- Animals
Fun in the Summer with TECS
7 Summer Camps
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We hope you enjoy the magazine as much as we enjoyed
producing it!! We can´t wait until the next one comes
out, can you?
TECS would like to say a big thank you to all of our
students and teachers for making this amazing magazine
We hope you all have a great time during the Easter
break, enjoying this week with your family and friends,
relaxing and getting ready for the last trimester.