Directions to Foothill Horizons Outdoor School 21925 Lyons Bald

Directions to Foothill Horizons Outdoor School
21925 Lyons Bald Mountain Road, Sonora, CA 95370
(209) 532-6673
From Modesto:
1. Get to Oakdale by taking 120 East (follow signs to Sonora).
2. In Oakdale look for signs for Highway 108.
3. Go east on Highway 108.
4. Approximately 40 minutes from Oakdale look for Sonora exits.
5. Take the third exit for Sonora: Mono Way.
6. At the stoplight at the end of the exit ramp take a left onto Mono Way.
7. At the third stoplight take a right onto Greenley Road. Go about 1 mile.
8. At the T intersection take a right onto Lyons Bald Mountain Road. Go 3 ½ miles.
9. You will pass cemeteries, Apple Valley Estates and Apple Valley Ranches.
10. When you see the sign for Foothill Horizons, turn right into the driveway.
11. Drive ½ mile up driveway, through parking lot, past the flagpole and up to the top of the
hill. Report to Health Office.
Desde Modesto:
1. Toma ciento veinte al este para llegar a Oakdale.
2. En Oakdale toma ciento ocho al este.
3. En cuarenta minutos habrán salidas para Sonora.
4. Usted quiere la tercera salida. Se llama Mono Way.
5. Al final de la salida, dale a la izquierda para estar en la calle Mono Way.
6. A la tercera luz, dale a la derecha en la calle Greenley.
7. Al final de Greenley, dale a la derecha en la calle Lyons Bald Mountain Road.
8. Sigue tres y media millas. A la derecha, habrá una señal grande que dice “Neil E. Wade
Outdoor School.” Dale a la derecha.
9. Sigue directo, pasando por el parking, hasta el final donde hay un edificio grande al lado
derecha, encima de una colina.
10. Pase por la puerta que dice Health Office.
From Bay Area:
1. Take I-580 east to I-205.
2. I-205 will merge with Highway 120 and then briefly with Highway 99. Stay on 120.
3. Highway 120 will merge with Highway 108.
4. Follow directions from Modesto (above).
From Southern California:
1. Take Highway 99 North to Merced.
2. Exit at Hwy J59 “Gustine-Sonora” exit. After you go through Snelling, J59 turns left.
Watch signs carefully.
3. J59 joins Highway 108. Follow directions from #5 (above).
From Northern California:
1. Take Hwy 99 South.
2. Exit at Hwy 4 East “Farmington Road, Angels Camp.”
3. At Copperopolis (about 30 miles from Highway 99), turn right onto O’Byrnes Ferry
4. Pass Tulloch Reservoir and continue to Highway 108. Turn left onto Highway 108.
Follow from #5 (above).
From Hwy 49:
1. A few blocks after you pass Sonora High School, when you see the “Red Church” on
your right, turn left onto Elkin St.
2. Immediately turn right onto Stewart Street.
3. At the 2nd stop sign, turn left onto Lyons St. (This will turn into Lyons Bald Mountain
Road in a few blocks.) You will pass through 3 stop signs.
4. Follow from #9 (above).