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The Commonwealth is a company compound by fifty

Firstly I go to talk about the Commonwealth that is a company
formed by fifty-three cauntries that have some relations with the
United Kingdom. Their objective is the international cooperation. The
cauntry that I chose is Canada, which was a founder member of the
Commonwealth. Canada is the second largest cauntry in the world. It
is encirceld by three oceans: the Pacific to the west, the Arctic to the
north, and the Atlantic to the est. Canada has changeable
temperatures and heavy snowfall. Winter also brings heavy snowfalls
but in summer temperatures are warm.
The country has a large extensive number of roads, including
an extensive network of expressways. The Trans-Canada Highway is
the longest national highway in the world. The most significant
environmental issues are damage to forests and lakes by acid rain, and
contamination of oceans by waste from agriculture, industry and
mining. Canada has thirty-four national parks. In the tundra of the far
north we can find seals, polar bers, gigantic musk-oxen and caribus. In
the extensive forests are moose, brown, black and grizzly bers, and
bevers, one of the national symbols in Canada.