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JUNIO 2003
James Dean was a film star. He made only three films. He died in a car crash in
September 1955 near Paso Robles in Califonúa. He was only twenty-fbur years old. But
in his short life James Dean hecarne the symbol of young peopie. He was the teenage
rebel. For years after he died his studio received 8000 letters a day. His fans couldn't
believe that he was really dead. Today he is still a hero for millions of young people.
James Dean was bom in February 1931 in Fairmount, Indiana. When Jimmy was
five years old, his father got a job in Los Angeles and the family moved to California.
Three years later his mother died. Jimmy went back to Fairmount and lived with his aunt
and uncle on their farm.
Jimmy loved sport. He was in the school basketball and baseball teams. He also
played the clarinet.
He wanted to be an actor and in January 1952 he went to New York. He made
some advertisements for Pepsi-Cola, appeared in some television programmes and he
also worked in the theatre.
In 1954 James Dean went to Hollywood and he made his first film. East of Eden
made him a star. His second film was Rebel Without a Cause. In his third and last film,
Giant, he starred with Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson.
In 1955 James Dean was famous. He was rich too rich enough to buy a fast sports
1. Reading comprehension.
a. Who is the text about?
b. Where was he born?
d. When did he die?
e. How did he start his work as an actor ?
f. Which film made him famous?
2. Grarnmar
Using the words in brackets, write sentences in the, following tenses:
Prueba libre para la obtención del Título de Graduado en Educación Secundaria.
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a. ( I / not / live / fiat) present simple
b. ( Your father / music / live / ? )present simple
c. ( children / garden / football / play / now) present continuous
d. ( Sam / English / at the moment/ study / ?) present continuous.
e. ( soon / the police / arrive ) future simple
3. Translate into English.
a. Tus libros no están en la cartera están en la mesa.
b. Me levanto temprano todos los días.
c. ¿Qué estás haciendo?
d. A mi madre le gusta mucho el fútbol.
e. Voy a ir al cine mañana.
4. Translate into Spanish.
a. It is very hot today.
b. Is there anything to do here ?
c. It will rain a lot tomorrow.
d. Have you got any brothers and sisters?
e. Paul's grandfather wrote a letter for him last week.
Prueba libre para la obtención del Título de Graduado en Educación Secundaria.
GRUPO LINGÜÍSTICO: Inglés. Junio 2003
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