febrero 2016 learning. On the contrary, there are examples of failure

learning. On the contrary, there are examples of failure
where there is a poor teaching through another language
(D. Marsh, Cambridge University Press ELT interview, 11th
November, 2010).
Mexico as well as other Latin American countries, has
adopted CLIL mainly in bilingual private schools; only
students belonging to a certain educational economic
context can access this approach, depriving thousands of
children who attend public institutions of this experience.
The practice of CLIL usually occurs in a context in which
families not only have the opportunity to pay high tuitions,
but also to travel frequently to English speaking countries.
The subjects that are most commonly taught in L2 are
Natural Science, Arts, World History and Geography
(Mextesol Convention, 2013). In middle school, high school
and university, the profile required to teach content subjects
makes it difficult to find teachers who fulfill the requirements
stated by the authorities as they need to have a major
degree as well as many years of teaching practice and at
least C1 level in L2 according to CEFR (Art.34 Ley General
de Educación para Profesores de Educación Secundaria).
Nevertheless, professionals with a high level of English are
hired to teach subjects such as Literature, Biology and even
Physics and Chemistry. These teachers often need training
and support to find accurate materials to include in their
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