Credits For Raffi One Light One Sun Time To Sing Words & music by Raffi, D. Pike, B. & B. Simpson © Copyright 1985 Homeland Publishing Socan 1:44 Guitar, piano, bass, drums, clarinet Apples and Bananas Traditional 1:37 Guitar, bass, ukulele, mouth trumpets Take Me Out To The Ball Game Words & music by Harry Von Tilzer and Jack Norworth © Copyright 1957 by Broadway Music Corp. Used by Permission. All rights Reserved. 2:04 Tuba, drums, tenor banjo, honky-­‐tonk piano, baseball and bat Octopus’s Garden Words & music by Richard Starkey © Copyright 1969 by Starting Music Ltd. Used by permission. All rights reserved 2:43 guitar, bass, trumpet, synthesizer, tenor banjo, trombone, clarinet, trumpet Fais Dodo French Tradional 1:27 piano, guitar In My Garden Words & music by Alan and Jeremy Arkin © Copyright 1960, 1985 by Sanga Music Inc. Used by permission. All right reserved 1:47 Guitar, bass, mandolin Riding In An Airplane Words & music by Raffi, D. Pike, B. & B. Simpson © Copyright 1985 Homeland Publishing SOCAN 2:54 Guitar, bass, drums, pedal steel guitar, wood blocks, Harmonica, high-­‐string guitar Like Me And You Words & music by Raffi, D. Pike © Copyright 1985 Homeland Publishing SOCAN 2:38 Guitar, bass, synthesizer, violins, cello, harp, congas, chimes Down On Grandpa’s Farm Traditional 2:42 Guitar, acoustic bass, banjo, harmonica The Bowling Song Words and music by Raffi, D. Pike, B. & B. Simpson © Copyright 1985 Homeland Publishing SOCAN 2:05 Guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums, trombone, organ Tingalayo Traditional 3:02 Guitar, bass, drums, organ, whistle, electric guitar, Percussion, steel drums Somewhere in the World Music by Raffi © Copyright 1985 Homeland Publishing SOCAN 1:38 Guitar, er-­‐hu, violins, viola, cello, gongm glockenspiel, Orchestra chimes, harp, synthesizer, French horn Walk Outside Words & music by Dick Tanner © Copyright 1978 by Dick Tanner 2:01 Guitar, bass, fiddle, mandolin De Colores Trditional 2:35 Guitar, 2nd guitar, acoustic bass, violins, trumpets Twinkle, Twinkle, Little star Traditional 1:10 Electric piano, guitar One Light , One Sun Words & music by Raffi © Copyright 1985 Homeland Publishing SOCAN 2:07 Guitar, acoustic bass, violins, viola, cello, harp, French horn, vibraphone Musicians JOHN APRIN piano BUCKY BERGER drums BILL BEECROFT JR. trombone RON DANN pedal steel ROBERT DeANGELIS clarinet ERICA GOODMAN harp MOSHE HAMMER violin FUJIKO IMAJISHI violin SCOTT IRVINE tuba LESLIE KNOWLES violin EARL LaPIERRE steele drums BRIAN LEONARD percussion, vibraphone PAUL MEYER violin LINDA MORRISON vocals DENNIS PENDRITH bass DAVID PILTCH acoustic bass RAFFI lead vocals, guitar FRED RIZNER French horn ERIC ROBERTSON synthesizer PETER SCHENKMAN cello LENNY SOLOMON fiddle KENT TEEPLE viola CHRIS WHITELEY harmonica, trumpet KEN WHITELEY vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, tenor & 5-­‐string Banjos, mandolin, organ, synthesizer, celeste, piano, ukelele JASON YIP er-­‐hu MATT ZIMBEL percussion Firgrove Public School singers: Caudia Martin, Bubbly Singh, Iaanessa Johnson, Stephen Smith & Soad Louissi under The guidance of Cathy Ambrose Homeland Publishing is a division of Troubadour Records Ltd. 1075 Cambie Street, Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6B 5L7 Lyrics Used by Permisiion. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. ONE LIGHT, ONE SUN The fact that the sun gives its light and warmth to all the world’s People may be a doily reminder, inspiring our love to embrace The entire human family. All songs arranged by Raffi and Ken Whiteley. Additional arrangements on LIKE ME AND YOU, SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD AND ONE LIGHT, ONE SUN By Eric Robertson. Cover illustration by EUGENIE FERNANDES, adapted for CD. Recorde at Eastern Sound Studios, Toronto – Febuary-­‐May 1985 Engineered by PETER MANN. Produced by RAFFI with KEN WHITELEY. Many Thanks to DEBI, BONNIE and Bert, KEN, PETER, “BEAR,” CATHY A., FIRGROVE kids, ERIC R., DR. ANN, and to all the musicians. Lenny Solomon appears courtesy of Duke Street Records. This album is dedicated to Bonnie Simpson and Bert Simpson Whose love and guidance continue to enrich Raffi’s records