SI16 Simple Spanish Commands - Key

 In the Line of Duty – Special Issue #16
Simple Spanish Commands Multiple Choice 1. In Spanish the word for ‘when’ is: A) cuando B) por que C) incorrect D) correcto 2. To learn simple Spanish, educators recommend A) Try using the words/language every time you have an opportunity B) Use only rarely so you don’t sound like you’re trying to be cute or sarcastic C) Repetition is the key D) A &C are correct 3. If an officer says to an Hispanic: ‘Alto! Por favor. Soy un policia! tiene usted identificacion?’ he is saying… A) Please move on quickly or the police will arrest you B) Singing is not allowed here according to police rules and regulations C) Please, law enforcement must search you and your vehicle D) Stop! I’m the police. Please show me your identification 4. Which of the definitions below is incorrect A) Hospital = Hospital B) Ambulance = Ambulancia C) What happened? = Qua pasa? D) Are you sick = Comprende 5. ‘Esta arrestado’ means A) Give me a light B) Find your driver’s license C) You were speeding D) You’re under arrest True or False 6. The likelihood is you’ll never need to know any Spanish because most Hispanics speak English fluently as a second language. T F 7. Educators say that cops who know Spanish will be looked on with skepticism by the Hispanic community T F 8. ‘Su licencia, por favor’ in English means ‘Please give me your driver’s license’… T F 9. 'Tiene un arma' translated to English means have you been in the military? T F 10. 'Dejeme ver sus manos' translated to English means ‘empty your pockets’ T F