Spanish III CP - York Suburban School District

York Suburban High School
Course Syllabus
Spanish III CP
I. Course Description
Credit; Unweighted
Length: Year; Format: Meets Daily
Prerequisite: Passing Spanish II with a 75% or higher
Course description: Spanish III further develops skills learned in Spanish II and introduces
additional new concepts. A great deal of memorization is required to addition to the application
of concepts. Students are encouraged to speak in Spanish and are expected to comprehend
spoken Spanish. Class participation is a vital part of the student’s grade.
II. Materials & Equipment
Exprésate II
Exprésate III
Activity book
III. Course Goals & Objectives
The student will be able to:
1. Further expand their knowledge of the Spanish language in the areas of communication,
vocabulary building, cultural awareness, reading and grammar.
IV. Course Topics (Summary Outline)
*The following chapters include vocabulary, grammar, conversational, and cultural activities.
1. Buen provecho (San Juan)
2. Tiendas y puestos (Santiago)
3. A nuestro alrededor (El Paso)
4. De vacaciones (Buenos Aires)
5. Various components from level 3 textbook
V. Assignments & Grading
Class Participation