Análisis del aprendizaje y el plan de estudios mediante el

“Análisis del aprendizaje y el plan de estudios mediante el método ADDIE, principios y
variables del currículo como causas que influyen en la eficiencia de titulación de estudiantes
en La Carrera De Ingeniería Química De La Universidad De San Francisco Xavier De
Eduardo Sandi M.
This work has as main objective to assist the improvement of the graduation rates in students of the
Chemical Engineering Carreer of San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca university during 20002004.
The specific objective is to identify the principles and the most important variables of the
curriculum that influence the study plan of the indicated career.In order to reach these objectives,
we conducted the respective investigation methodically, so that we can provide clear concepts in
reference to learning and curriculum through the ADDIE method, the Principles and Variables of
the curriculum influence in the efficiency of the degree.The methodology used has a documentary
approach, which allows to obtain knowledge from data analysis using the method of
systematization, resulting in a transforming activity of the subject in the study-object process.
The instruments for collecting primary data were the survey (questionnaire with direct
questions and response selection) and the structured interview, which allowed us to understand
individual student comments and to discover that curriculum Principles and Variables contemplate
whole or in part the current study plan. It was also used the ADDIE Model Curriculum which
allowed to find differences related to the teaching and learning process and the impact on the
respective certification of the student.
Keywords: Study plan, ADDIE method, Certification
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