Phrasal Verbs 11

Phrasal Verbs 11
- turn over
- turn up
- wait for
- wait on
- wake up
- watch out for
- wear out
- work out
- wrap up
- write back
- write down
- write off
- write sb off
- write out
- zip up
dar la vuelta; facturar
You must turn over the omelette so that both sides get cooked.
The company turns over a million euros every year.
subir el volumen o la temperatura; aparecer de pronto, presentarse
I can´t hear the music. I´ll turn it up.
He turned up at the end of the party, when we weren´t expecting him.
We waited for her to finish work and then we went shopping.
servir, atender (en restaurante, tienda, etc.)
The shop assistant that waited on us was really nice.
despertarse o despertar a alguien
I woke up at dawn because I was having a nightmare.
tener cuidado con
Watch out for bees while you are in the garden. There´re lots of them.
desgastar, usar algo hasta dejarlo inservible; cansar, extenuar
I must buy a new pair of trainers. I´ve worn these out.
All that uphill walking has worn me out.
hacer ejercicio; solucionar un problema, encontrar una solución;
resultar, salir bien.
She´s been working out hard at the gym because she wants to lose weight.
I don´t know how we´re going to pay for the holidays but we´ll work it out.
We weren´t sure about the plan, but it worked out.
abrigarse, llevar suficiente ropa; terminar
It´s freezing outside, so wrap up well.
We´ve been writing this report for five hours and I hope to wrap it up by 8.
contestar por escrito
I sent an email to him last week and he wrote back yesterday.
anotar, escribir
Did you write down the address?
destrozar un vehículo en un accidente, dejar para el desguace;
cancelar (deuda)
They wrote off the car when they crashed against the tree..
We´ll try to write off our debts by the end of the summer.
descartar a alguien por incapaz
Jill was written off for the job because she can´t type.
anotar; extender (un cheque); pasar a limpio
Did you write out the phone number?
The company wrote me up a cheque for 500 euros.
You should write up your notes before you start studying them.
subir una cremallera
Can you zip up my dress, please?
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